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Social Issues Related to Health : Part 4

This is fourth article/Video in series of 6 article/videos on Social Issues related to health for year 2018-19. In this video following issues has been discussed. 1.Allied and Healthcare Council of India 2.Indian Health Fund (IHF) 3.Global Conference on Air Pollution and Health 4.National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) 5.Severe Acute Malnutrition Do you know sklearn …

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Corruption, Causes and Consequences

The Ease of Living Report under the ‘Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs’ providers 4 pillars and 15 categories which every city must self-assess for meeting aspirations of its people. One of the most important pillars is that ‘GOVERNANCE’ and ‘INSTITUTIONAL’ category. Ease of living must ensure good governance & utmost institutional assistance. The Lok …

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Malnutrition: Symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment

Malnutrition is a condition where body receives lower nutrition content than what it requires. As per Global Analysis Report 2018, India leads in number of total malnutrition cases in world. It accounts to 1/3rd such cases. Causes are: Poverty : low purchasing power hinder the procurement of nutrition. Irregular eating and feeding can lead to …

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Annual Status of Education Report

Attempt following quiz to check your understanding regarding ASER report. You are encourage to attempt the quiz first then go through the article. [WpProQuiz 49] Introduction ASER (Annual Status of Education Report) is an annual survey that aims to provide reliable annual estimates of children’s schooling status and basic learning levels for each state and …

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