interview preparation is funded company working in field of re-engineering and mortgage process. The fintech disruptor dismantled the home-financing ecosystem, replacing it with a digitized process that eliminates commissions, fees, unnecessary steps, and time-wasting appointments. In 2019, also launched homeowners insurance, title insurance and a network of real estate agents. has raised over $250M in equity capital and is backed by Kleiner Perkins, Goldman Sachs, American Express Ventures, Ally Financial, Citi and other investors. There are 2000 people working I, out of which 80% jobs are in US offices and rest are in different countries including India.

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This article will help you understand the hiring requirement of and help you prepare better for the job. interview preparation strategy

This interview is of Senior Manager, Analytics at

Question: For which roles does your company hire people at entry level position and fresher?

Answer: We hire fresh candidates for mainly analyst profiles in finance department. Fresher are hired in other teams like Sales and Operations roles for entry level position.

Question: What is the screening criterion for candidate to apply into entry level positions?

Answer: In finance department, we have screening criteria like candidate should be a graduate with BFSI experience of SQL. We look for education too, and MBA with finance background are mostly preferred. Candidates, who are coming from prior job or internship experience in BFSI domain, have more advantage in their job interviews.

Question: What are the technical skills/past work criteria for candidate to apply into entry level positions?

Answer: First, since this is for analyst position, we expect candidate to be strong in SQL. If candidate is coming with data science experience, that is plus. In case of candidate switching companies, we look for prior mortgage operation process experience.

Question: Does your company conduct written test or computer test for entry level positions?

Answer: Yes, we do take test during entry level hiring.

Question: What kind of entry level tests you conduct at your company? What is a qualification criterion in these tests?

Answer: Questions are asked mainly on aptitude and psychometric. We reserve technical round questions for face to face interviews.

Question: How should a candidate prepare for screening test at

Answer: Since questions are from General class 10 level maths, we expect them to brush up that part. Also, in technical rounds, questions are asked on SQL, data science and mortgage processes, so we expect candidates appearing in interviews to be fully prepared in these subjects.

Question: How many rounds of interviews are there? And who takes the interview (like HR, hiring manager, Team Lead, Director)

Answer: On the average there are 3 rounds of interviews.

Question: If you have to recommend one tip to people looking for job at your company, what will that be?

Answer: Read about the company. Know a little about Mortgage process. Candidate should come prepared with industry we are working, should also research our competitors and our portfolio. Rest if you are smart, you will be hired at

Sample interview questions at

·         Name a time you overcame a challenge in your professional life?
·         Name one positive and one negative criticism you’ve gotten from a manager.
·         How would your friends coworkers and family describe you
·         What motivate you?
·         How do you feel about criticism?
·         What do you know about Better? Tell me about yourself. Why are you interested in Better.
·         Why Better?
·         How did you hear about us?
·         Do you have experience working under pressure?
·         What’s your biggest accomplishment?
·         How would you know you’re doing a good job in your role?
·         How would you deal with a situation where you don’t have product knowledge but the customer is asking a complex question?
·         Where do you see yourself in the near future?
·         Question on Regular expressions
·         Question on Git/UNIX commands
·         Guesstimates- total number of footfall on delhi airport on any day
·         Mathematical ability questions
·         Who/type of the person you hate the most? What if he/she works with you
·         What will you if you become PM of India for a day ?

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