Are e-pharmacies impactful in lowering cost of healthcare?

With the advent of digital marketing and a plethora of e-commerce sites for a variety of business, it only makes sense of employ technological up-gradation to the Indian drug distribution system.

Granted that e- pharmacies are only about half a decade old and do not have any concrete legal status, but their entry has been seen as a welcome and a positive change by the expert authorities like the competition committee of India (CIC).

Amidst rampant opposition by traditional pharmacists and druggists of Indian brick and mortar stores, on the grounds of the threat of their livelihood and claims of health hazards like drug abuse, substandard or counterfeit drugs, e-pharmacies have the immune potential of revolutionizing this business.

They will definitely bring down the price of medicines vis-n-vis the following points:

  • E- pharmacies might be able to curb the bane of ‘cartelization ‘ which has been an ongoing, illegal practice performed through the platforms provided by the various trade organizations.
  • Instead of competing with each other to provide quality drugs at cheapest rates, the pharmacies have been coming to agreements and rigging the market place.
  • Online marketing will promote transparency of prices, quick delivery of certain e uncommon drugs, home delivery option and ample discount.
  • This has the ability to stunt the pressure of stubborn trade organizations that have muted. The competition by demanding NOCs from novel stockiest.
  • Traditional pharmacies will have no option but to up the ante and improve operational efficiency.
  • In a free and fair market, the competitors function by facilitating the buyers. E- pharmacies will reintroduce the essence of true competition, limit the unwanted drug price inflation and present a more fulfilling experience to the Indian patients.

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