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Action plans for backward districts. | Xamnation

Action plans for the first ranked list of 115 backward districts.

  • For most 115 most backward district (Out of these, 35 districts are affected by Left Wing Extremism)
  • Bridge Intra-regional and Inter-regional Divide – Senior level government officers have been nominated as Prabhari officers to act as a bridge between the Centre and States in addressing the specific developmental needs of the districts
  • Structural change – Enabling technology driven schemes in districts where digital literacy is negligible
  • New India – Development of these backward districts is essential in order to achieve the vision of New India by 2022.
  • Failure of Older Schemes – An older scheme, Backward Region Grant Fund (BRGF) launched in 2007 was delinked from central support in 2015 as it failed to meet its vision. It consisted of 272 districts
    • A planning commission study of BGRF (2007-2011) showed that none of the states was able to get more than 80 percent of the allocation released. Also, only a third of the allocated money was utilised.

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How Backward Districts identified?

  • Done by the NITI Aayog with respect to four main parameters

1) poverty 2) education 3) healthcare and 4) infrastructure,


  • At least one most backward district from each state has been selected in order to extend the reach of the programme in different parts of the country.

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