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Why is India’ fertility rate falling?

As per the recent United Nations population report india is expected to replace China in terms of population by 2030. In this context, prime minister of india in his independence day speech called out the nation to curb the population explosion and measures to be taken.

Flexibilty Rate and Child Sex Ratio :

  • According to the government’s sample registration system, the fertility rate has been decreasing since 1950. It is expected to be 2:1 in 2019.
  • Also census, noticed that with the decrease in fertility rate, the sex ratio also decreasing.
  • There can be various reasons for such path. Such as women’s education , increasing awareness , prevailing financial situations and so on…
  • People usually tend to have motion of pretending for male rather than girl baby since old age. This impacted decrease in child sex ratio.
  • Government has taken various measures to control population such as PCPNDT Act, providing financial assistance to mother of girl child , Beti Bacho Beti Padhao scheme inspite of these measures the child sex ratio is not improving.

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Way Forward:

  1. Social and financial assistance has to provide for parents who bear a girl child. It gives a kind of motivation and security as well.
  2. Awareness has to be spread about gender equality.
  3. PCPNDT , other sex anti-determining laws has to implement stringenthy and punish severly if not followed.
  4. More opportunities for girls and a safe world for them to explore their talent has to be the main motive of government.

With the fast growing population rate, controlling measures are meant to be taken. But these population control population control measures has to be neutral without paving way for more woresing child sex ratio.

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