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Why does India need national security doctrine?

The act views the fears of publication :–

  • There can be agitated reasons for some chance provided adequate safeguards are not said down.
  • Is the putting many cases has laid down stricture products on surveillance followed by what to when how and at what intend to surveillance?
  • There can be cases of data theft admit the latest cases of ransomware.

This can be led by:-

  • Inadequate storage of data by central coordinators the WATGRID.
  • Possible errors and success that can be denied provided no accountability.
  • Right to privacy can be affected only if personal data are gathered. This is especially worsening considering the draft digital privacy policy ha laid guidance on gather and concept of personal data.
  • The action is termed as an attenuate apply to fill the void left by the lying down of the proposed social media hub by SC.


  • The element of deterrence can be laid down by tracing the bounce of information as laid down by the provision. That can deter:
  • The influence of non-state actions towards online radicalization.
  • Tackling veto crimes and modifying by a targeted approach.
  • The act can inform responsibility in data intermediary that has no far been lacking by including certain strict provision:
  • Mandatory compliance within 72 hours
  • Mandatory bookkeeping and traceability of the action till 180 days.
  • The action can be termed as citizen Centre on a broad basis, as includes:
  • Permission of redressed and publication of its source by intermediaries.

Way ahead: –

  • Parliamentary body towards approval of investigation is the need of the hour:
  • Judicial our sight through an empowered body can create the element of balance surveillance.

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