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Why does India has so high rate of child mortality?

Even though child mortality in India has reduced, the numbers shift the highest in the world. Explain the reasons behind the persistence is the highest rate of child mortality in the country. Highlight steps towards by the government in this regard with special focus on the need for mass immunization campaigns. (250 words).

The recently published “ Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report “ highlighted the outbreak of Measles in India. India stood at 3rd place in the world interims of Measles cases. This shows child mortality in India is still the highest in the world.

Reasons behind high child Mortality Rate :

  1. Malnutrition,
  2. Resistance to vaccination,
  3. Poor maternal health,
  4. Improper infrastructure and poor sanitation,
  5. Poverty,
  6. Pollution,
  7. Lack of awareness among illiterate Mothers and family members.
  8. Low doctor-patient ratio,

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Steps were taken by the Government :

  1. Mission Indradhanush – Universal immunization program for pregnant women and children.
  2. Mother health and family welfare Launched Mass Immunization Campaign for Measles Vaccination.
  3. Various government schemes like –
  • Pradhan Manti Sishu Suraksha Yojana.

Strived to fight against maternal health problems.

Way forwarded :

  1. Following the WHO’s 3C approach (Convenience, Compliances, Confidence. ) to tackle the problem of vaccine hesitancy.
  2. Spreading awareness regarding the significance of vaccines and their effects if not vaccinated.
  3. Educating people through Campaigns of taking the right food containing nutrients.
  4. Periodic surveillance, monitoring of registration of pregnancies and providing adequate needs.
  5. Mass immunization campaigns and educating people about the significance of breastfeeding is the need of the ho to tackle child mortality rate.

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The child mortality rate in India is highest in the world, which is estimated to be 39 deaths per 100 live births. Along with the government, other stakeholders also should strive to reduce CMR.

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