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Why are enviromental laws so poorly implemented in india?

According to United Nation’s report in its first-ever global assessment of environmental laws, “The whole world fares pearly implementation of environmental laws and regulation although 38 times more green laws `have been framed and approved in last 4 decades.

This is a matter of concern as if this trend of not obeying the laws continuous then how it is possible that our environment will not degrade and retaliates back which will lead to less of life and property.

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A similar situation is prevailing in India as :-

  • Water act of 1974, several laws and regulations have been existing for more than 4 decades now, but still ineffective.
  • In spite of so many indexes, targets, campaigns we are unable to improve air quality even it is a worsening day by day, biodiversity is suffering because of our carelessness.
  • Thermal power plants still violets the emission standards set up ministries and ruthless increasing the pollution.
  • Not only in implementing laws, but we are also even failed in compassing the judicial orders.

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Race Mining ban by NGT and its continuance by the supreme court is resent example, In spite of Ban, Mining is everywhere and causing damage to the environment and as well as the life of innocent workers.

  • In spite of world life protection act 1972, environment act 1986, not any solid change has been visible. Still, we have the case of poaching, cutting of forests. Polluting rivers even when they are scared for us.

We are perfect in the policy department, but implementation is a problem.

To conclude, law-making with the government, but the ultimate implementation is our ‘we people ‘ is responsibility.

  • Accountability of officers.
  • Awareness black and white population from cities to the remotest areas of the nation.
  • Corruption should be checked; civic engagement should be enhanced.
  • Punishments \ Fines taught improvements.
  • Tribunals in locals to check and punish.

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