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How is indiago superbug causing a global health problem

Superbug is a bacteria strain which immune to most of the antibiotic drugs. The immunity they gain due to a discriminatory consumption of drugs or leave the medical treatment middle of course. Today inpatient antibiotic era problem of superbug taken a new turn which raised concerns.

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Factors responsible for superbug :-

  • India now a hotbed of superbugs due to overuse of antibiotics during medical treatment.
  • Public bating like in Kumbh Mela or bath in Ganga cause to transfer gut bacteria in people.
  • Immunity of bacteria also possible in diseases like TB when the patient left the medical courses without competition.
  • Sometimes duplicate or expired antibiotic also cause immunity to Bactria.
  • In 2014, many antibiotics recognize but their implementation is lethargic.
  • Wastewater also causes of superbug and some of them even immune to a most powerful drug-like carbapenem.
  • In cattle’s and other domestic animals uses of antibiotics is more.

Implications of superbug :-

  • Mobility of superbug increase. Delhi originated superbug found in Artic and in the US a woman died due to India originated superbug.
  • Treatment expenditure increased and mainly poor people carry the burden of superbugs.
  • It increases the mortality and rescue to life expectancy.
  • Social health indicator status lowered due to high level of existence of superbugs.

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Way forwarded:-

  • Need to rescue use of antibiotics.
  • Redline campaign started the reduce the uses of usage of antibiotics.
  • Guideline for uses of antibiotics must be codified.
  • Regular health checkup requires to diagnose the symptom of superbugs.
  • Need to innovate methods to treat human and animals without the use of antibiotic.

Superbugs now became a global threat and it would soon turn into a health emergency. There is a need to take the required steps to curb this problem.

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