What is significance of ground water recharge?

Reports have suggested nearly 50% of the country is currently facing drought with at least 16% falling in the exceptional and extreme category. In light of the above statement, discuss the significance of groundwater recharge. What are the challenges being faced in India with respect to it and what needs to be done?

  •  A recent report ranked India as a top exploiter of the groundwater. Such exploitation is done mostly by agricultural sector followed by Industry and household use. Depiction of this petition resource will make it difficult to mitigate the stocks created by droughts. Because reports have also suggested that nearly 50% of the country is currently facing drought with at least 16% falling in the exception or extreme category.
  •  Groundwater recharge is the activity of letting nature fill the ground acuities and at times augmenting nature’s such capacity. The significance of groundwater recharge are –
  •  Acuities storing adequate water resource
  •  The collapse of acuities due to becoming too dry can be avoided.
  •  Raises the level of wells, this can help the poor and marginalized fumes. This ensures equality, equitable distribution of water, and inclusive growth. Helps to increase the green cover.

Challenges being faced by the Hawaii water resource –

  • Behavioural change and attitude – Change of groundwater user is difficult to bring the trend has become such that exploitation of groundwater is considered as a priority to the citizen.
  • Water comes under the state list and bringing any law to regulate groundwater exploit is politically counterproductive.
  • Being a state subject, Nationwide law and consequences are difficult to produce.
  • The groundwater conservation is not a priority in important issues discussed during elections, debates, etc.
  • Stopping the uses of borewells which are already operational is a difficult task.
  •  Issues of commotions while regulating the exploitation of groundwater.

Following measures can be taken to handle this challenge –

  • Recently NGT ordered that exploitation of groundwater by industry with attract the user fee.
  • Consequences about the law regulating groundwater use are needed.
  • Nitin Shah Committee recommendations for the scientific use of groundwater needs to be implemented. (Centre water commission)
  • Forestation helps in recharging groundwater.
  • Campaigns to modify the attitudes of people. Example – Restraining concrete structures on land, etc.


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