What is Great Pacific Garbage patch?

Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP), or target vortex, is the large area of marine debris swirling in gyre around the central north Pacific Ocean somewhere midway between Hawaii and California.

How it evolved?

  • Mainly due to old ships wastes into the ocean life.
  • From cargo excretion which was clumped into its way.
  • From fisherman wastes like nets etc.
  • From nearby wastes in the land which gets into ocean policies from stormwater runoff.

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Why it is Harmful?

  • Plastics are Non-Biodegradable.
  • When consumed by marine animals will lead to their misery.
  • A recent study – Microplastics are entering into good chain either through consuming marine.

 animals directly or consumption of salts

  • Salts are found to be containing microplastic trashes in it.
  • Enlarging of marine animals into “ghost notes “
  • 90% of seabirds are said to love consumed plastic at some point in life.
  • Destruction of coral leaves which garbage’s as important Gabi tail for the marine ecosystem.
  • Most annoying impart of this is that despite enough pieces of evidence in the 1980s. Mass awareness about it learns come in recent years.

International efforts —

  • MARPOL – and International convention for the protection of pollution from ships.
  • Honolulu strategy — by UNEP.
  • Clean seas the campaign – by UNEP.

Suggestive measures –

  • Needs of stringent laws like the banning of plastics in Uganda and Kenya.
  • Comprehensive government policy checking right from producers’ users.
  • Circular economy (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.)
  • The vision of the EU by 2030.
  • Generating public awareness and education.
  • Ending fuel subsidies
  • 4-8 % of the fuel is used in the production of raw plastics.

UN stated that by 2050, if similar trends persist, then no of plastics in the ocean will be more than fishes.

Through, limelight come late into this misery but still with global effects and loving “Paris style“ agreement, we can achieve our better future.

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