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What is Aadhar Payment Bridge System?

Aadhaar Bridge Payment system developed to link Aadhaar no to bank account directly to reach vulnerable section without the drain of Government resources has proved courses as a survey of Indian School of Business related 35% faulty transaction.

Aadhaar no ———— linked to banks account no by sending ———— mapping done by NPCI ————– transfer of the amount to bank accounts of beneficiary.

  • Advantages of ABPS –
  • Transparency in Governance
  • Prevents corruption.
  • Sidelined intermediaries
  • Justice with poor and numerable
  • The minimum cost of benefit dispersion.

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Disadvantage –

  • Error linking —- under pressure and haphazard linking of Aadhar to bank account lead to the dispersion of benefits to the third party as to Airtel case reverently. 38% transaction is faulty.
  • Multiple account issues — Many people operate multiple bank accounts and to benefits, margin get into different schemes or at times to the third party.
  • No regulatory authority – Although RBI to empowered to deal with the issue but the real power lies with NPCI and UIDAI with no definite grievance redressed mechanism.
  • Vulnerable denied justice – Vulnerable not aware of formalities and consumed about the security of data are denied of justice as in Garhwali

The widowed lady died of hunger due to ABPS discrepancy.

      Suggestions –

  • Formation of the redressal mechanism.
  • Of institutional accountability.
  • Verification of data.
  • Option to illiterate of documentary benefit.
  • Central Authority to be responsible.
  • Common service centres to be utilised for corrections.
  • Formulating laws on the ABPS / DBT.
  • No denial benefits till verification.

Unless and until proper use of technology is the maid with the redressal mechanism or accountability safeguarded by laws our aim of inclusive social development is futile.

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