What are farmers unconstrained rights to sell?

Farmers and Indian policy share a peculiar bond one hand Indians love respect and even worship farmer on imposing excessive restrictions on them to keep them in low income, low productivity trap.

Need for a Kisan law-

  • The current restrictive policies like essential commodity act, Apne Mandi act, export restriction are restricting the free economic participation of farmers and increased income for the fear of food unavailability and food price inflation.
  • Even during high production years and low productivity years income for farmers remain more on loss the same restricting 80% of small and medium farmers $0 low-income trap.
  • Our established aim for doubling the farmer’s income in 2022need an overall reform.
  • The recent farmer distress in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu indicate the short comps of existing systems.
  • New ideas like corporate farming, agroforestry and the electronic market should be incorporated in the new law or policy.

Challenges for such a law –

Agriculture is the state list – The new AMPC Mandi act was accepted by few states and most states opposed one of the provisions, The lack of coordination is an issue.

Lack of political will – Indian politician (mostly) view farmers as an emotional symbol during elections, the opposition party rising to power on farmer distress issue seldom justify that election.

Fragmentation of land and tenancy acts – are also a major restriction will most major by being small and margin farmers will tell the precious.

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Solutions and actions to be taken –

  • As NITI Ayog suggested move agriculture ove of EC act.
  • Make a unified market by new APMC act will corporation between state and centre.
  • Relax the restriction on falling trees grown on farmland – this would provide them with a major boost.
  • Integration of tetchily the enam etc for the betterment of farmers.
  • Remove the export restriction of certain limit and help the farmers in exporting like the new Horticulture export support scheme.

If we take positive action with taking the Indian farmers to confidence the farmers. Agriculture can be the real pride and growth pole of Indians in coming decades.

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