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Spoken English – How to practice English speaking with games | Games based learning for improving English

Languages are mean of communication with other person. There are mainly two ways of communicating including written communication (mail, letter) and verbal communication (speaking and listening). This is applicable to all languages. When someone says he/she is proficient in any language, they mean that he/she has strong command over written and spoken part, and can communicate to anyone easily in any form.

In this article, we will cover how to improve Spoken communication skills. We will take case of English speaking, but these rules are applicable for Spoken French or Spoken Hindi or any other language. English is most used language worldwide. It is official language of 65+ countries, and second language in almost any other countries. It is very important to have strong command over written and spoken English part. It is very important that improving English communication skills start at young age, and the child need to do proper practice for mastering Spoken English part. You may also need to enroll yourself or your child in spoken English classes, if you need dedicated support or help.

In this article, we have covered how to improve public speaking by games. This article is aimed for children in age group of 3-10 years, but adult learners can also follow this article for improving their English communication skills.

Improving Spoken English for kids with games

Guess the color

Ask your child to identify colors in the room (indoor setting) or in park (outdoor setting). For example, can you find something of purple color in this room, or can you spot pink flower in this garden. Ask the child to speak loudly, and describe when he/she figure out the object with that color. You can take turn, and ask your child to ask same question to you. Children love to play such small games, and you can easily initiate conversation (to improve spoken English in kids). Child will start speaking comfortably in English on the object, its color and other properties. This little game will help improve vocabulary and speaking skills among children. You can also rewards to increase their motivation level in this game.

Guess the object

In this game, you ask your child to find the object whose name start with let says letter ‘a’ or object which is round in shape. You can give hint like where can child find the object. Ask your child to ask you in case they need more information in English language. The more the child speak, better will be English speaking become. Objective of this game is to use games for improving communication skills. Child will ask you question or ask for more hints, thus practicing spoken English part.

Picture prompt

You can use picture prompt to identify what the character is doing. For example, the character might be eating, or running, or sleeping etc. Ask your child to identify what this character is doing, and tell you. Once the child has correctly identify, you can ask follow up questions. This question and answer sessions using videos/pictures/cartoon will engage the child, and help him learn spoken English easily.


You can practice crossword with your child, and ask them to guess the words. You can assist them by proving them timely hint so that they keep on thinking in right direction. You need to encourage them to ask questions or speak on the word, and make sentence using that word. Children loved to play games, and you can use simpler crossword level, so that both you and your child can play this game easily. This little trick will improve child’ curiosity, help him learn new words, and improve English speaking once they ask you question or identify words.

Tongue twister

Tongue twister is a fun way to improve English speaking for kids. You can give list of twisters, and ask your child to memorize and speak in front of you. Twister may confuse your child at the beginning, but slowly they will find them interesting to speak and repeat. In this way, you can make them practice complex English speaking part too.

Board Games and Flash Card

Games like Flash cards are fun way of improving spoken English skills among children. You can show your child a card, and them to guess it , and speak a sentence on it. Children loves to play such games, and this ways you can make them practice spoken English in fun filled manner.

 Puzzles and riddles

Children are very curious on riddles and puzzles, and love solving them. You can use internet to find online puzzles and riddles for improving English communication. Compete with your child in practicing puzzles and riddles, and make it look like competition. Give some awards if they correctly solve the riddles, and speak something on it. Keep giving them clues, in case they are stuck.


In this article, we have learnt how to practice spoken English with the help of games with children. These techniques can be used for adult as well, or for practicing some other language. As the saying goes, Practice makes a man perfect. So more you or your child practice English speaking, better it will be.

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