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India's groundwater crisis

Report on India’s groundwater crisis?

With billion population depending on Ground Water worldwide, the significance of it is well increasing with the increasing population specially in a country like India. But this scenario is not going in right direction with central Ground Water report stating the water table is going down at an unprecedented rate in 67% of maintaining station across India.

  • The hydro climatic aberrations have faced people to take courses of ground water and a 2015 study states that the aquifers are being tested like newly before, with an annual consumption of 230 million cubic meter, the ground water resources are depleting fast specially in irrigation led India Gangeticplain, central SW India.

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The growing demand is due to

  • Uncontrolled irrigation
  • Population rise
  • Industrial uses
  • Water wastage
  • This has led to our exploitation of our ground water resources and also led to
  • Degradation of water quality
  • Health Impact
  • Quality in wells and springs
  • Bio decreasing losses
  • Soil salinity
  • In parts like Punjab, Rajasthan,Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, resources are depleting at an unprecedented rate. Irrigation led agricultural has impacted resources as water is not able to replenish with rate of water drawing few in it.
  • Report from CGWR, in WCT, an annual 0-2 meter depletion of water level is occurring which is an alarming incident.
  • Artificial recharge can help to any augment water table provided the Government and various stakeholders keenly address such issue.
  • Deep irrigation, proper replenishment of ground water, growing less water intersill crops should be encouraged toput a stop on this growing problem.

Water is the most critical resource for our life and its second to none in our priority. Appropriate legislature measures have to be undertaken with suitable implementation and monitoring methods, if we have to protect our planet earth and future generations

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