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RBI Grade B

RBI Grade B Examination for MBA Graduates

The thought that MBA graduates have an edge over others in the RBI Grade B examination is not at all true to the point to be thought of for those who are passionate about making it through Grade B for a career in RBI. The only eligibility criteria considered are age falling between 21 and 30 years and educational qualification that includes a first class bachelors degree or second class masters degree or a doctorate degree or CA/ACS with a bachelor degree or a PGDMA/MBA qualification.

Similar to any MBA graduates, individuals from other domains like engineers, commerce graduates, UPSC aspirants, Journalists etc planning for Grade B have more or less equal knowledge before starting their preparation for the Grade B examination. However the later part of preparation remains same for any aspirant.

The difference seen is only in the preparation plan:

  • While MBA’s might have already gone through few competitive exams while planning to make MBA, they have little more grip over aptitude, while the others have to spend little more time and practice more comparatively.
  • MBA’s have finance, management, and economics as part of their academics which results in less time needed for them compared to others while preparing for phase 2.
  • Soft skills and communication skills unlike earlier are given equal importance even for engineers or commerce graduates or doctors or journalists as MBA’s making no difference while preparing for English paper.

With that all said, if you are really passionate about making it through RBI Grade B and are ready to work hard to core, while competing with others then nothing is or will be a show stopper for you. Discard all those inhibitions and be attentive and focused on what keeps you motivated to crack RBI Grade B.

With that all said here are few tips for RBI Grade B preparation that we would like to put on that can help you while preparing for the exam.Tips RBI Grade B

  • Make a plan and set a goal – Get knowledge of the syllabus for RBI Grade B, understand what to prepare and prepare a time table with the short term and long term goals.
  • Stay focused than being rote – Understanding the concepts is important as that makes problem solving easier and gives deep knowledge of the topic.
  • Assess yourself for a better you – Go for a timely assessment of your tests to understanding the lagging concepts and go for a better preparation.
  • Keep in touch with previous papers – Practice old question papers so as to make yourself adaptive to the difficulty and make your mind used to the pattern.
  • Go for Mock tests before going for the real war – Plan and attempt for online mock tests once you have completed your preparation so as to get used to the time management for the tomorrows real time exam.
  • Be positive for a positive result – Be with a CAN and WILL mind for a positive result. Confidence is the secret behind success, so be confident.
  • Don’t waste too much of time if you find any difficulty in answering a question, just move on to the next.
  • Make sure to cross the sectional cut off of each and every section. So in any difficult section that you may feel, attempt only for cut off marks.
  • Read the questions carefully as sometimes they may trick you and loosing even a single mark will be a great loss.
  • Never use any shortcut that you are unsure.
  • Say no to guess work in the exam.

There is no short way or easy way to success, only hard work pays in the end either be it an MBA graduate or others. Work hard, stay focused and be an RBI Grade B officer.

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