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Internet has connected world in an amazing way. Just 20 years back, it was so much difficult to find good French learning options. Now, with rise in internet and online learning, students can learn French online with comfort of their home. They can get qualified French teachers, including native French speakers, professionals, certified experts, and school teachers online. French is among top 5 languages spoken in world, and it is used in many leading countries including France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada etc. Apart from this, lots of African and Asian countries speak French. It is also second most popular business language only after English. These things have made French language extremely popular among students and those seeking to go abroad for higher education and career. Students can now find affordable French teachers online.

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Why should you learn French language online?

You can learn French online through tutoring websites and learning platforms for the following reasons:

  • If you are aiming for French proficiency exams like Test d’évaluation de français (TEF) for applying into university or work requirement, you need good qualified French tutors, who can train from basic to advanced French language. In online tuition, you will get customized French classes, as per your requirement
  • If you are facing difficulty in French language in school, you can take extra private French tuitions online
  • If you want to learn French language, but facing issues in timing. Online French tutoring will give your learning at your pace and your convenient slot. You can book your French tutors on basis of their time availability.
  • If you are looking to learn French from native French speaker or from people with professional degrees in French language. You can find such qualified teachers online.
  • Online websites and platforms also provide you practice platforms, from where you can do rigorous practice in writing, speaking and reading part of French language. You will see your performance chart, and major learning gaps. Online learning platforms offer detailed evaluation and feedback system.
  • Online French tuitions are much cheaper in comparison to physical classes.

How to choose best French tutoring website?

Learning French will be easy and fun once you have right tools and platforms that help you learn. On internet, you will find many websites who claim to provide good French tutoring services. You can shortlist your French tutoring website by quality of French tutors, learning material, assessment material, quality of learning platform, and learning methodology used. For this, you will need to interact with French teachers telling them your requirement, and asking them whether their program can suit you. You can take trial French class or ask for sample learning material from the tutoring website. In this way, you can select best French learning option suiting your requirements.

If you are searching for good online French tutoring website that can help you learn as per your requirement, you may follow below mentioned checklist for selecting best French tuitions

  • This website should offer comprehensive French learning plan with live French tuition classes, learning material, practice sheet and online practice
  • This website should offer learning platform that is customizable as per the learning need of students, and offer classes, material, practice at one place
  • This website should offer option to select from multiple French tutors. Students can select French tutors based on their learning requirement, budget , availability etc
  • This website should offer live online classes for French language, which are interactive and give maximum exposure to students
  • This website should offer doubt clearing sessions for French language, by regularly conducting doubt sessions online
  • This website should have reviews and testimonials from past French students
  • This website should often proper French practice in writing, reading and spoken French.

How to prepare yourself for French tuition class?
Before attending French tuition class, make sure on following things

  • You should have check message board or notification in case of update regarding class timing or assessment
  • You should check class time table and lesson to be covered from academic calendar and lesson plan
  • You should have covered pre-class material for the day
  • You should have prepared notes regarding doubts from previous lessons and classes
  • You should have completed your previously assigned tasks like homework and practice assessments in French language

What kind of device do I need in order to use online French tutoring services?
There are different devices that you can use to take lessons from an online tutor. You can use a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or a smartphone. You can also use a mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad if you want to succeed in learning French while you are on the go.

How much does it cost for online French tutor?
The cost of French tutoring will depends upon website you choose, and learning features it offers. On the average French tutor will charge you between Rs 500 to Rs 1500 per hours, depending upon tutor experience and learning requirement. French tutoring websites also offer bigger plans where students can subscribe for quarterly or annual subscription. These larger plans decrease average cost of French tuition. You may need to do detailed comparison of tutoring website keeping in mind quality and features you are getting, along with cost. You can also negotiate for better deal if that is possible.

Are you looking for French tuition course?
If you are looking for French tuitions classes, you can connect with Xamnation. Xamnation offers French learning services for schools exams (Grade 1-12), for preparation for French Proficiency tests and for adults.
Xamnation offers personalized learning program from highly qualified French teachers, and comprehensive French learning and practice platform. Our learning platform covers full practice module on basic French, Written French Practice, Spoken French and Reading French practice. Our tutors are available 24/7 online, and we offer customized English French as per student requirements.
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Happy Learning!!

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