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Internet has made closer even remotest of thing, and same goes with learning English now. Gone are the days, when students used to go to English tuitions center and coaching classes. Now, students are learning English language from qualified teachers online. English language is one of the most spoken language worldwide, and it is also known as de-facto business language. It is very important that students get good grasp over English language right from their school, so that they do well in college as well in professionals life. English is also an important language in various competitive and college admissions tests like TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, CAT etc. Students can get affordable and quality English tutors online, to teach them every aspect of this language.

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Why should you learn English language online?

You can learn English online through online platforms like websites and mobile apps for the following reasons:

  • If you are coming from non English speaking region, you will need extra efforts to learn English language. You need to work hard on English vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, reading, writing and spoken English part. Online learning platforms give you option to choose customize course, and learn at your pace.
  • If you are lacking in English language in school and college, especially in written English and spoken English part. You need customized course for English practice. You need to get immediate feedback and improvement tips for English language. Online learning platform help in offering practice course of English language and offering assessment, practice exercises, improvement tips which are not always available in physical classroom setup.
  • If you are facing difficulty to find a good English teacher nearby your locality, you can use online English learning option.
  • If you are facing timing clashes with other class or your work or project, you can now set up your own learning schedule in online English tutoring. You can request your English trainer to schedule classes in your preferred schedule only.
  • In online English learning, you can learn from trained, professionally qualified and native English speakers.
  • Overall, cost of online English tuition is cheaper compared to offline classes. Plus it also save valuable time in commuting.

One of the important part is finding right tutoring websites which provide qualified English trainers and practice platform for complete English practice. Go for English tutoring websites which provide complete learning solutions like best English tutors, assessment platform, daily practice test and feedback, discussion and doubt clearing etc. You may need to speak your requirement to the counsellors from the website, and tell your requirement in details. You can also take trial class for English language, or ask for sample learning material like recorded sessions, sample tests etc. Choose a good English tutoring website on basis of quality of teachers and learning material and platform.

How to choose best English tutoring website?

Based on your learning requirement for English language, you may need to carefully select best English tutoring website. You can follow below mentioned checklist for shortlisting best website.

  • This website should have multiple English tutors. Having multiple options will help in selecting best teacher suiting your budget, customized requirement, learning hours etc
  • This website should offer lesson plan, course calendar, batch start date and schedule
  • This website should conduct live interactive classes for learning English. Live classes are essentials for proper guidance and real time feedback.
  • This website should offer comprehensive learning and practice platform. Practice platform should be customized as per learning requirement. Practice platform should also cover all essential English language parts like Writing English practice, Reading English practice, Spoken English practice etc
  • This website should offer live doubt support for English language by offering regular classes and discussions with teachers.
  • This website should have latest technology learning platform, that will help your learn English easily
  • This website should provide testimonials and reviews from old students who have taken the English language course.

How to prepare for English class?
Before attending English tuition class, please make sure on following

  • You should have completed previous homework and practice assignment of English
  • You should have referred to course planner and lesson plan, and have covered pre-class material
  • You should be on time and have proper internet connection
  • You should have highlighted your English language doubts

What kind of device do I need in order to use online English tutoring services?
There are different devices that you can use to take lessons from an online tutor. You can use a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or a smartphone. You can also use a mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad if you want to succeed in learning English while you are on the go.

How much does it cost for online English tutor?
The cost of English tutoring will depends upon website you choose, and learning features it offers. On the average English tutor will charge you between Rs 500 to Rs 1500 per hours, depending upon tutor experience and learning requirement. English tutoring websites also offer bigger plans where students can subscribe for quarterly or annual subscription. These larger plans decrease average cost of English tuition. You may need to do detailed comparison of tutoring website keeping in mind quality and features you are getting, along with cost. You can also negotiate for better deal if that is possible.

Are you looking for English coaching and tuitions?
If you are looking for English tuitions classes, you can connect with Xamnation. Xamnation offers English learning services for schools exams (Grade 1-12), and for English Proficiency tests (IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT etc) competitive exams (college admissions tests like CAT etc).
Xamnation offers personalized learning program from highly qualified English teachers, and comprehensive English learning and practice platform. Our learning platform covers full practice module on basic English, Written English Practice, Spoken English and Reading English practice. Our tutors are available 24/7 online, and we offer customized English courses as per student requirements.
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Happy Learning!!

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