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Importance of Mock Test for RBI Grade B

Mock TestCompetitive exams require a certain mind set, stamina and understanding that are quite different from a regular academic test. In India, every year lakhs of candidates appear for the competitive exams and only a few are able to clear the exam. The only reason behind, is lack of effective preparation, which is not possible without the help and guidance of expert or experienced people. Yes there are many resources online which you might have access to, but most of the time you won’t know what is important and what isn’t. This is why there is a concept of mock test’s.We will try to mention point wise benefits in short and we would also suggest you to join mock tests for the preparation on RBI Grade B examinations.For RBI Grade B mock test is very important. Practice makes a man perfect, the more you practice, the more you learn and the more are your chances of getting selected. Online test series also help.

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  • Firstly, it gives you an exam like interface. This is very important for any aspirant, to have idea and thorough practice on exam like interface.
  • They provide All India ranking, so you know where you stand.
  • Test analysis about how you performed in exam and how toppers have performed, which helps you to analyse and understand how much more preparation is required and on which area.
  • You also get to keep a check on which question was easy and you couldn’t attempt, but attempted a tough question which was expected to be left. And how much extra time have you given to that particular question.
  • Comprehensive explanation to every single question coupled with smart tricks/intuitive approach in the form of text, Images or both.
  • From mock tests, you get to know your strength and weaknessesin a well-defined manner.
  • Tests in general are important. They help not only in the assessment of your preparation for exams, but also regular test attempts help you memorize better. Yes! Tests will help you to remember things better than going through the answers itself. After going through a concept, try and answer some questions regarding what you have learnt and you will remember answers better.
  • Taking tests for the exam is necessary and to some extent assures success. Mock tests make you mentally prepared for the main exam since it is prepared in the same way as that of the main exam paper.
  • Your brain gets a chance to retrieve the knowledge that you have stored while studying.
  • In an experiment performed in 1917, it was found that learners who appeared for mock tests retained more knowledge than their counterparts who spent equal time to just study the information.
  • By appearing for mock tests you get the feel of the real exam. You get an idea of the question pattern. They have various features like timer, question palette and multiple choices.
  • Appearing mock tests gives you confidence and helps you develop good time management skills too.
  • You get to answer questions chapter wise, so you can get a better analysis as to which chapter should be given more time and what needs more preparation.
  • Usually students prepare in bits and get confident about their preparation but taking mock tests will give you a review about your preparation regarding the whole syllabus.
  • You also get familiar with the scope and difficulty level of the question paper.
  • The trick that works best with mock tests is that you need to repeat it on a regular basis. This helps you to identify your weak areas one after the other. For example, you identify one set of weak area in one mock exam. Take another mock test so that you can identify the next set of weak area. Continue this way until you feel assured about all the sections.
  • You can identify your comfortable and uncomfortable zones.
  • Mock tests give you the understanding to work accurately and avoid guessing.
  • RBI Grade B is a kind of exam which needs you to be updated with the current affairs. Mock tests are a source of keeping a check on yourself and to understand how much updated you are with the current affairs.
  • It gives you immediate result so you get an immediate feedback about the do’s and don’ts regarding your preparation. This motivates you to further improve your preparation strategies.
  • It exposes you to changing exam patterns and variation in cut off marks.
  • They make you tougher and ready for any kind of challenge, regarding the question paper difficulty level.
  • When exams are given in pen and paper then the candidate might lose marks for filling up a wrong answer which cannot be corrected either. But in online mock papers answers can be changed in just a single click.
  • Practising mock papers can reduce a candidates fear and anxietywhich affects their accuracy and thinking ability during an exam.
  • It will not only give you an idea of how much you know but will also make you realise for how long can you retain it.
  • It will give you an idea about which phase needs more preparation and time.

Hence practice more mock tests and make it your winning strategy. Rather than spending more time on studying the same information from different sources, narrow down the sources and appear for more mock test to get a better analysis of where you stand.

All the best!


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