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Hire Private French Tutor | Find Tuitions Cost | Tips to Hire Best Teacher

French language is 6th most spoken language in the world. It is spoken in many countries including France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and many African countries. With 300 millions+ speakers worldwide, French language is spoken in 88 countries worldwide. French language is also one of the most popular foreign languages, after English, in schools and colleges globally. Knowledge of French language open global opportunities in French speaking countries, as it is 3rd largest language of business and commerce. French language is popular among schools in US, UK, India and other leading countries as second/third language across grades.

If you are learning French language for the first time, you will face difficulty in caching up with vocabulary, grammar, writing and speaking part. Students will find difficulty in communicating with fellow students and teachers, and their performance will be poorer in this subject. As a new student, it will be difficult for you to adjust syllabus pace in class. It is very important to have private French tuitions in such cases, as French coaching classes will fill the learning gap, and make you at par with other’ students in French language knowledge. French tuitions will also help you in getting good grades in school, and having strong understanding of French language help you in higher education and you job career in longer run. You can now find good French teacher online over internet. In this article, we will give you tips on how to find a good French tuition teacher, who can help you in French language from basic level to expert level.

Benefits of French private tutoring

Getting private tuitions in French language will have multiple benefits. Here we have listed few of them.

  • Learn from the expert –You will be learning French language from the language experts. As you have flexibility of choosing the best online French teacher, you will get the best of teachers available for you. You may get native French speakers online, whose first language is French. This will help you in your learning process. You will also get language experts with higher degrees in French language.
  • Personal attention– A personal French tutor will give you the personal attention, and help you practices each and every French concept. This may not be possible in regular classroom like in school or colleges. There are many sections in French language like spoken French, written French and reading where students face lots of difficulties. A private French faculty can spend more time as per your requirement, so that you have clear understanding of everything.
  • Time saving– Online private tutor will help you save time every day, as you can attend French classes at comfort of your home. In offline tutoring, you are required to travel a certain distance, which may not be suitable for everyone.
  • Flexible schedule– Private French tutors can conduct classes at the time convenient to students. For example, some students may need to attend French classes at night or early morning. This will be easily possible with online French tutoring. Flexible schedule will allow tutors to help people sitting in different places at once.
  • Learning at own pace-Online French tutoring classes will help you learn at your own pace. You can discuss with French tutors to set up learning pace. You can ask French tutor to cover more examples, have more practice if you need. Online French tutors will take up your questions and provide you with necessary explanations to learn more efficiently.
  • Proper practice– In private French classes, you will be doing proper practice in spoken, written and reading part of French language. You French teacher will be covering different assignment, written test and other form of assessment, and continuously keep on monitoring your learning progress.

How to find a Good Private French Tutor?

There are lots of people who claim that they are good in French language, and can teach you. You need to properly do some research to find whether a teacher is a good French teacher or not. Here are some tips for your find a good French tutor.

  • Teacher profile- Look for an online profile of the French tutor. You may need to see the qualification, work experience, and may need to see recommendation and references from other people who were taught by this French tutor before. This may take some time, but it is worth spending. If you are not able to find any information online, you can ask teacher to confirm experience and professional qualification in French language. You can ask them to show their certificate or work experience.
  • Services offered– You can also see what kind of services he/she is offering, and how much they cost. A good experienced French tutor will offer complete language program including Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. If teacher is not offering any of the program, this mean teacher does not have complete knowledge in French language
  • Reviews and Rating– You can ask your French tutor to provide with reference of old students who were taught by him/her. You can also see online reviews and ratings of Tutors and his/her classes.

How much do Private Online French Tutors cost?

It is a good idea to find the cost of private French tutoring before you hire an online tutor for French language. This will help you to benchmark the tutor, and you may bargain for a good deal on your French tuition fees.

Tips to find fee for private French tutoring

  • Mode of teaching – You need to find mode of teaching. There are two popular modes – Live classes and pre-recorded videos. Live classes are when tutor spend his/her time in teaching French language. In online recorded classes, you will be given pre-recorded lessons, and hence real interaction is limited. Online live classes will give you advantage of direct interaction with teacher, which is not possible in recorded classes. So you may need to ask your French tutor on mode of his/her teaching, number of live classes, number of recorded classes etc. This will actually help you deciding teacher time, and hence estimated cost for your course.
  • Tuition hours– As you know cost is directly related to tutor’ hours. Likewise, cost of your private French lessons will be related to number of teaching hours in the course. A full year course will cost you more than short duration cost. Therefore, you will have to decide on picking the right course duration for your French private tutoring.
  • Benchmarking– Your French tuitions may go from USD 20 to USD 75 per hour, depending upon tutor.
  • Certification or Exam fee– You can ask for cost of exam fee and certification cost, if they are included in your cost. This will help you in understanding cost of your French tuition.
  • Learning material– You may check with tutor on what kind of learning material is provided. For example – books, or other learning material.

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