General Awareness Strategy for RBI Grade B and Nabard Exam

General Awareness is the most important part of any exam and RBI Grade B and NBARD is not an exception. Further in term of time efficiency during preparation and during the exam it is the most efficient section. With the following strategy, you can get at least 60% of marks in GA by studying just for 10 days.

This exam checks your awareness and awareness doesn’t mean knowing the history, but about the current. Else the name of the exam will be General Science (GS) rather than General Awareness, exam. Now generally the span of the current affairs span through at least 3 months but some questions (though very small number) also comes from the prior to 3 months as well. Keeping this in mind the preparation strategy should be like this. Current Affairs should be covered very comprehensively in term of the breadth of affairs, not the depth.  

Most common current affairs questions

  • Who won which award?
  • Who won IPL?
  • Vice president visits in various country, their currency, and their capital, country head etc.

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Questions regarding Static

Another part of General Awareness is the static part. This is a very small part in term of weight-age in the exam. Here the question will be something like:

  • Who is GM of XYZ Bank?
  • Where is headquarter of XYZ Bank
  • What is CRR, SLR etc?

If you are preparing for Phase 2 then later questions can be easily scored. So for static part no separate preparation is required. While preparing for current affairs try to go in the background of news up to a particular level than static will be automatically covered.

Now after understanding the nature of exam let look at a stepwise strategy to secure at least 60%+ in this exam.

All analysis is being done with an assumption that exam is in Month of June and notification comes n month of May. The strategy will change a bit if the exam is in some other month.

Step 1: Cover current affairs of the prior month of notification

There will be around 400 current affairs for each month go through them at least twice. You can get the current affair from any standard website. Try to segregate the current affair in 15 days segment. The current affair segregated in different section makes it easier to understand it. You may look at the following figure to understand the section-wise segregation of current affairs.

Full segregation for Current Affairs will look something like this

After reading it at-least two times do the questions on basis of these current affairs. Click here to get some of sample quizzes questions

Step 2: Cover current affair of 1st prior month of notification

Strategy to cover the current affairs should be same as in step 1

Step 3: Cover current affair of the month of notification

Strategy to cover the current affairs should be same as in step 1

Step 4: Cover current affair of the month of exam till the last week

Strategy to cover the current affairs should be same as in step 1

[table id=7 /]

On day 8th your 60% + is ensured.

However above strategy is discuss while keeping RBI exam and NABARD into mind but this strategy will equally work for any other exam were current affairs are asked, like SSC exams, Bank PO exams etc.

We hope the above strategy will work for you. You are welcome to ask any questions or doubt.

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