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Why sand mining is harfmul to environment?

Sand mining is an activity of extracting sand from rivers, lakes, streams, oceans etc.Sand is an important raw material for manufacturing, especially in construction activities.

  • Sand mining is legal in India if it is done under the approval of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Notification, 2006.
  • If permission is not taken from the respective State ELA Authorities and rules are violated,then sand mining becomes illegal.

Impacts of sand mining

  • Distortion in river channels.
  • bank erosion
  • impact on biodiversity, the nearby ecosystem
  • Affects the livelihood of nearby people.
  • Huge impact on aquatic flora and fauna.
  • decreases water quality
  • lowering of the water table
  • Groundwater exploitation
  • River pollution

There are many cases of illegal sand mining in India. It continues 24 / 7 throughout the year without any permission which poses a threat to our ecosystem and a huge impact on rivers and its species.


Way forward

  • Establishing complaint cells in every district to allow people to complain against illegal sand mining occurring in that district.
  • Empowering local people to come forward.
  • Generating awareness.
  • Guidelines to administrators’ tor raid in the areas of illegal sand mining.
  • Strict penalties to violators of EIA, 2006.

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Hence, while sand is an important source for various construction activities, but it can’t be

extracted at the cost of our ecosystem and biodiversity. Proper action must be taken

against mining mafias who violate the rules.Sustainable sand mining along with approval

under EIA, 2006 is the best possible solution.

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