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Why Java will remain a dominant language of the future

About Java language

Java is a general purpose programming language, developed at Sun Micro-systems in 1995. Despite being 25 years old, it still rules the roost. It is ranked no. 5 in most popular language of 2019 by developer survey by Stack-overflow. More than 41% of survey users have marked Java as popular language.


Source: Stack-overflow survey

Top companies using Java programming language

According to, approximately 9028 companies are using Java in their tech stack. These companies list includes big one including:

  • Google
  • Uber
  • Airbnb
  • Amazon
  • Pinterest
  • Slack
  • Instagram
  • Netflix
  • Spotify

Why Java is so popular programming language


Key features of Java programming language

  • Simplicity: Java offer easy user experience for developers as well end users. Java’s inbuilt design and librariesare its most significant advantage when compared with other similar object-oriented programming languages.
  • Portability: Java can be run anytime and anywhere in any hardware and software. Wide range of software and hardware are using Java.
  • Allocation: Features like stack provisioning, garbage collection and automatic memory distribution differentiate Java way apart from other programming language.
  • Distributive: Java is highly networking competent. Usually, Java receives and sends files informally.
  • Extremely secure: Java enforces strong security standards with safe programming.

Why Java will remain popular language in future?

Java has wider application, than most of its peer languages like Asp.Net, PhP, Python etc.  Its application includes widest range of tools and technologies, covering from mobile to web to wearable to space science. Here in this article, we have compiled list of most popular applications of Java, which will make it dominant language of future.

Java application in Big data

Java is a dominant programming language in Big data, along with Python. It is used in various frameworks for handling large scale data.

Apache Hadoop

Hadoop is Java-based programming framework which processes large datasets in a distributed computing environment. Hadoop runs in master slave architecture, where master controls the working of entire distributed computing stack. Hadoop has become very popular among companies in storing massive data and performing analysis.

Companies using Hadoop framework: IBM, Amazon web services, Intel etc

Apache Spark

Spark is another popular Java framework using in Big data. Spark is basically a cluster computing framework and can run on thousands of machines (distributed clusters). Spark is used in large ETL (extract, transform, and load) operation, predictive analytics, and reporting applications

Companies using Spark framework: Uber, Slack, Hubspot, Shopifyetc

Apache Mahout

Apache Mahout is Machine Learning library and big data tool, built using Java. It is used for performing machine learning functions like classifications, clustering and recommendations.

Companies using Apache Mahout:Adobe, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Twitter, and Yahoo

Java JFreechart

Jfreechart is a popular open source big data tools, used for visualization and seeing behavior of data. It help in making different graphs and charts like Pie charts, bar charts, line charts, Scatter plots, box plot, Histogram etc.


Deeplearning4j is a Java library used in Deep Learning. It has used to build different types of neural networks for processing data. Deeplearning4j can be integrated with Apache Spark and can run on GPUs.

Companies using Deeplearning4j:  JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Interactive Brokers

Apache Storm

Apache Storm is an open source distributed real-time computational system for processing data streams. Apache storm can process millions of jobs on a node in a fraction of a second.

Examples of storm in real world (Source: Apache Storm website)

Twitter: Storm powers a wide variety of Twitter systems, ranging in applications from discovery, real time analytics, rationalization, search, revenue optimization, and many more.

Groupon: Storm powers real-time data integration systems. Storm helps in analyzing, clean, normalize, and resolve large amounts of non-unique data points with low latency and high throughput.

Weather:Weather Channel uses several Storm topologies to ingest and persist weather data.

Java application in Internet of Things (IOT)


Source: Eclipse Foundation


Source: Eclipse Foundation

Why Java is language of choice for IOT

According to Oracle, Java flexibility and being virtually universal is a key reason why most of IOT programmers use Java.

Java offers extensive library of APIs that can be easily applied in creating embedded applications make Java most suitable candidate for IOT programming. Transitions of platform during updates is much smoother and less error prone than other languages like C. Java has been part of embedded  device right from start when it was used in PDA and basic mobile phone. Its application in wearable technologies, TV, mobiles and other electronics devices has made it superior programming language for IOT.

Android Application

Java is ruling mobile application market through Android Application components, which hold share of more than 73% of all installed apps via Google play store. More than 450,000+ apps are using Android Java, including top apps like Youtube, Tiktok etc.


Source: Appbrain website

Java use in financial services

Chatbot development

Java is best tool for chatbot due to its features like portability, transparency, maintainability, debugging, visualization and so much more in mission critical projects.

According to Chatbotsjournal, Java is used by leading chatbots like IBM Watson Conversation Service,, Pandorabots.

Fraud Detection and Management

Financial companies and banks are using AI tools for financial fraud and credit card fraud detection. Java is used to build these AI tools which generate unexpected insights, discover patterns and create predictive model for early detection of fraud and risk management. Java’s security feature proves beneficial when developing AI tools as this helps the AI systems to make sophisticated decisions about what can be considered fraud and what cannot.

Apache spark is used by leading banks and financial institution in fraud detection and management.

Trading applications

According to Oracle website, Java is the language of choice for electronic trading – providing a platform for rapid development, testing and deployment that underpins fast time to market. More than 80% of electronic trading applications are written in Java, including most FIX engines. The dynamic run-time compilation optimization that the Java VM offers can, in many cases, result in programs that exhibit better performance than those statically compiled by a C++ compiler.Oracle / Sun Java Virtual Machine and the JRockit Real Time (JRRT) VM helps in maintaining low latency and thus smooth functioning of trading applications.

According to Enlyft website, there are about 500 companies which are using JRRT, out of which 7% are using in financial services like Trading.

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets are developed using AI and Java-based algorithms to help consumers make smart decisions while spending their money

Java usage in web application

According to w3tech, Java is used by 3.7% of all the websites as server-side programming language.


Leading websites using Java


Popular framework for web development

  1. Spring MVC–Oldest frameworks yet one of the best. Adaptive to changes or any developments. Offers security. Clean and accessible code. Great community to look forward to for any help.
  2. Google Web Toolkit–Google’s offering. Great documentation. Incredible support. Simple to learn and use. Highly responsive applications.
  3. JavaServer Faces– Oracle Support. Awesome documentation at hand. Impressive performance with IDE software. Rich collection of libraries.
  4. HIBERNATE–High-quality. Modifiable. Configurable. Incredibly convenient. High speed. Works well with a number of databases. Provide good scalability.
  5. Struts– Creates aesthetic applications. Bolsters the web application foundation. Less development time. Less time to test. Easy for testing purposes.
  6. Selenium– Selenium is used by large number of companies for testing automation. It is used by quality control department in web industry. Selenium is used by leading companies and institutions like MIT, Hubspot, Intuit etc

Scientific application and high end technologies

  1. Nasaworldwind

World Wind is tool developed by Nasa and written in Java. It let you zoom from satellite altitude into any place on Earth. Leveraging Landsat satellite imagery and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission data, World Wind lets you experience Earth terrain in visually rich 3D. 

2. Sun SPOT

Sun SPOT Device, programmed entirely in Java, is a small, wireless, battery powered experimental platform. It is used to create projects that used to require specialized embedded system development skills.

3. JPC(emulator)

JPC is an x86 emulator written in pure Java. It can run on any platform that supports the Java virtual machine.It aims to give you complete control over your favorite PC software’s execution environment, whatever your real hardware or operating system, and JPC’s multi-layered security makes it the safest solution for running the most dangerous software in quarantine – ideal for archiving viruses, hosting honey pots, and protecting your machine from malicious or unstable software.

4. Embedded software

According to Oracle, 100% of Blu-ray Disc Players and 125 million TV devices employ Java.Several devices, such as SIM cards, blue-ray disk players, utility meters and televisions, use embedded Java technologies.

Other applications of Java programming

Java is widely used in many other applications. For example lot of cloud based applications offer PaaS services like Heroku, Google App Engine uses Java as main technology. Similarly Java is widely used in Desktop GUI applications through Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT), Swing and JavaFX. Java is language by choice for Enterprise software including network applications and web-services. Oracle claims Java is running in 97% of enterprise computers.


In this article, you have discovered various usage and applications of Java programming language. Java is sure to dominate the programming language industry in near future. If in case you are new to Java, and are looking for learning Java, you can check our online Java course.

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