Why is Hong Kong Protest important ?

When in 1997, Hong Kong freed itself from the duchess of british empire,it was transferred to communist regime of China under one country two systems framework. Under this, Hong Kong can have its own administrative setups except for foreign affairs and military until 2047. However, it seems that these provisions have not quenched the thirst for complete freedom & democracy.

Why the protests?

  1. Extradition bill- empowered the government to extradite people from Hong Kong to mainland China to face trials.
  2. Lack of universal suffrage.
  3. Detention and arrests of protesters.
  4. Promotion of “patriotic education”.
  5. Clampdown on civil liberties.

Past Incidents:- Tiananmen Square ,1989(Killing of protesters by chinese armies)-> Movement against patriotic education,2002(Hong Kong) -> Umbrella Movement ,2014(Movement for free and fair elections democracy)-> Current Protest of 2019.

What are the current demands ?

  1. Complete withdrawal of extradition bill.
  2. Release of protesters who are jailed.
  3. Universal suffrage.
  4. Removal of chief executive , carrier lam.
  5. Lesser interference from communist regime and no “ Patriotic Education”.

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