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What is uncontrolled antimicrobial resistance?

Antimicrobial resistance is the resistance offered by microorganisms like bacteria, virus, etc. to antibiotics used to kill microbial bodies.

The role of antibiotics is important to prevent deaths from diseases like tuberculosis, tetanus, respiratory ailments, etc.

However, the overuse of antibiotics in vaccinations, animal husbandry, agriculture can create the risk of drug resistance which can reach the human race through the interconnected food chain.


The latest report the UN agency group details the following:-

Plants —- Animal-Human Human.

  • The drug resistance can kill 10 million by 2050.
  • 24 million will be in poverty by 2030.

The linkage of drug resistance is such poverty, human development and ultimately the growth of a nation.

It can reduce the global to DP growth by 3.2% by 2030. Thus it may lead to global economic shocks.

India has done well in fighting malaria polio but the crisp of drug resistance is alarming. The challenges are due to:-

  • A large population is still lifted to be covered by immunizations programs. WHO – 85% of the population is only vaccinated.
  • The rich people can indiscriminately purchase antibiotics from medical stores.

Thus, India faces challenges of overuse and underuse.

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The following measures should be adopted: –

  • The National pharmaceutical Authority under CPSCO should prescribe certain medicines which should be unavailable on my doctor’s prescription.
  • Improve biotechnology in fields like agriculture and animal husbandry is that use of antibiotics is limited. CSIR should indictable projects on this.
  • Indulge voluntary organizations to generate Amar ends among patients about the correct use of antibiotics.
  • Ensure that the uncovered sections are properly immunized.
  • Doctors and the pharmaceutical industry should collaborate to follow medical practices in line with global standards.

India is on a growth its ajatary and any economic shock is unaffordable at this part of the time. Hence the government should frame a long-term action plan to curb the drug resistance menace.

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