What are key challenges of Indian air force?

adequacy :

  1. India Air Force plays an important role in the security of India along with army and navy. However, recent controversy related to Rafael deal discovered the PS sues that are surrounding the IAF for a long time. These PS sues are :
  2. Lack of adequate fighters aircraft as and the ageing fleet aircraft. Recent Parliament Standing Committee on defence noted that lack of required aircraft and some of them operating beyond shelf life.
  3. Delays in the acquisition of aircraft.
  4. Lack of transparency in aircraft deal and the role of a middleman.
  5. Lack of indigenous development of aircraft and overdependence on foreign countries for aircraft.
  6. Hal working delays in delivery of aircraft.
  7. Delay in funds for air force by the government.

The above issues need to address in the following ways:

  1. Follow transparency in deals and eliminate the middleman. Recent defence procurement policy (DPP) will ensure transparency in defence deals.
  2. Ensuring an adequate number of adequate aircraft through faster acquisition.
  3. Encourage private sector in defence technology development along with bringing reforms in HAL and ensure timely delivery of aircraft to the air force.
  4. Parallel negotiations need to be avoided to ensure faster implementation of deals. Eg .for Rafael deal, defence ministry and PMO involved in deal negotiations and this faced controversy about the deal.
  5. Involve MSME’s in spare parts development for local aircraft development.

So focus on ensuring the adequate fleet of aircraft and this ensure the security of India. Make the deals transparent, so that the controversy is avoided in the latest stages.

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