RBI Grade B vs SSC CGL

RBI Grade B vs SSC CGL – Which Career Is Better

In a world full of choices choosing a career is quite a difficult task until and unless you have decided on one and is determined to stick to that choice. A shining career is a mixture of good pay and great growth factors but other factors like work pressure, working environment also have to be considered. A decision needs to be made by keeping many factors in mind such as the perks, salary, responsibilities, work pressure, working hours etc. Among engineering, medicine, journalism and many other professional courses, people also opt for the banking sector.

The banking sector is quite diversified and considered to be the most vital sector for the world’s economy. It holds an important role in the finance system of the public. Banking is further divides into many branches and options that people select according to their interest. Now coming to the part where people tend to get confused the most is the selection between RBI GRADE B and the SSC. Well, there is a clear line between the both, so let’s discuss the important sectors to help people make an easy decision.

To give it as a one liner, it can be said that from the exam point of view, for RBI Grade B you have to master your GA whereas for SSC, the key is maths. Let’s get started with the discussion.

RBI is Reserve bank of India which is India’s central banking institution and SSC is staff selection commission which is an organisation under the central government. It recruits staff for the various department of the government.

Roles& Responsibilities of RBI Grade B and SSC CGL

RBI Grade B– Since they are in the central bank of India, they ensure the stability of rates. The roles include.

  • They are in control of the monetary policy
  • They regulate and supervise the banking and other financial institutions.
  • They are involved in the regulation of money and government security markets.
  • They help in the management of cash and debits for central and state government.
  • They manage reserves for the exchange of foreign money.
  • They do capital account management.
  • They are known as the banker to banks and central and state governments.
  • They have a developmental role and is also involved in research and statistics.


  • To make appointments for all Group B and the non-specialised group C posts.
  • It conducts interview and examinations, whenever required for recruitment of the posts within the purview. The examinations are conducted in different centres across.
  • They specifically appoint Lower Divisional Clerks in various ministries.
  • They also appoint assistants in various ministries.
  • They conduct typewriting tests in English and Hindi.

Salary difference between RBI Grade B and SSC CGl

RBI Grade B – The initial salary of an RBI officer would be around 65,000 per month. After reducing the allowances and the incentives it might be less than the above-mentioned amount.

SSC- The salary will be as per decided by the government which is usually based upon the commission rates. Mostly it will be ranging from 30,000- 45,000 depending upon the grades and the department.

Benefits and Allowance of RBI Grade B and SSC CGL

Along with a handsome salary they also provide other benefits.Let’s have a look at it.

RBI Grade B-

  • Conveyance expenses- The employees are paid for their petrol and In case they don’t own a car they are given cash.
  • Official car and house A/C- This depends upon their grades. They also get some units of free electricity.
  • Easy loans for vehicle or electronic goods- Loan are given to employees who plan to buy any vehicle or a television or a laptop or in that case any electronic item.
  • Furnished houses- The employees are allowed to furnish their houses periodically although the allowance can be availed once in every five years.

Other than these some of them use this opportunity to climb their ladder of success and go abroad or get promoted to higher posts.


  • Job security- It provides job security to the employee. They will not be dismissed based upon their performance, so they need not fear of losing the job.
  • Less workload- There is less work given when compared to a private sector. You can work and at the same time have personal time.
  • Social status- You will have a better social status as it is a government job and can completely brag about it.
  • Promotion- Promotion is not to be worried about as they have their own policies. But it depends upon the seniority level.
  • Medical facilities- The employees need not worry about the medical bills. They also get free treatment under the government’s health scheme.
  • Paid leaves- Leaves are not difficult to get and the number of leaves is more. Also, you get paid for the leaves even in cases when you are ill.

You also get a lot of allowances, pensions and there is no bond.

Working hours of RBI Grade B and SSC CGL

Working hours are important for an employee as it might affect the choice of their career.

RBI Grade B- An RBI Grade B employee needs to work for five days a week. Time of working is from 9:15am-5: 15 pm.

SSC- It depends upon the grades and the posts. Employees of higher posts have to pay serious and full-time attention to their work hence it’s like a normal working day for them. Whereas for low-grade employees, you can go finish your work and come home after you are done.

Work pressure of RBI Grade B and SSC CGl job

It plays an important role as the extremes will affect the performance of the employee which will affect the productivity of the organisation.

RBI Grade B-If the employee is a Grade B officer then he has to be competent enough. In this case a high level of efficiency is needed hence hard work has to be done. They mostly need to work in cities and have fewer amounts of transfers.

SSC- This would involve jobs in inspection, auditing etc. Sometimes employees have to work even on Saturday and Sunday. It sure gives a lot of stress, also the work pressure will depend upon the post and intensity of the work given.

Growth opportunities in RBI Grade B and SSC CGl

Everyone does think about the future of the career and the rate at which they would grow if they selected a particular field. It is more likely and obvious that a person would select a career which has more potential for growth.

RBI Grade B- Faster growth can be expected when RBI is joined at a younger age.

SSC- Though they have their own promotion policies, it depends upon the post which you choose.

So here is everything that you would need to know to select between RBI and SSC. We hope you make a wise decision.

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