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Quantititative Daily Question: Dated 24 April 2018


NUMBER OF QUESTION- 10                                              Timing-10 Min


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Q1. Tap A can fill the empty tank in 12 hours, but due to a leak in the bottom it is filled in 15 hours. If the tank is full and then tap A is closed then in how many hours the leak can empty it?

a) 45 hours

b) 48 hours

c) 52 hours

d) 60 hours

e) None of these

Q2. Pipe A and Pipe B can fill a cistern in 10 hours and 15 hours respectively. When a third pipe C which works as an outlet pipe is also open then the cistern can be filled in 18 hours. The outlet pipe can empty a full cistern in:

a) 12 hours

b) 8 hours

c) 9 hours

d) 14 hours

e) None of these

Q3. A cistern has a leak which would empty it in 6 hours. A tap is turned on which fills the cistern @ 10 liters per hour and when the tank is full then it is emptied in 15 hours(when tap and the leak are active). What is the capacity of the cistern?

a) 100 litres

b) 150litres

c) 120litres

d) None of these

e) Can’t be determined

Q4. Tap A fills a tank in 10 hours and B can fill it in 15 hours. Both are opened simultaneously. Sometimes later tap B was closed, then it takes total 8 hours to fill up the whole tank. After how many hours B was closed?

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) 5

e) None of these

Q5. Tap A can fill a tank in 20 hours, B in 25 hours but tap C can empty a full tank in 30 hours. Starting with A, followed by B and C each tap opens alternatively for one hour period till the tank gets filled up completely. In how many hour the tank will be filled up completely?

a) 51 & 11/15 hours

b) 52 & 2/3hours

c) 24 & 4/11hours

d) None of these

e) Can’t be determined

Solution :

Question 1 & 2

Question 3


Time Work

6). A can finish a work in 18 days and B can do the same work in 15 days. B worked for 10 days and left the job. In how many days, A alone can finish the remaining work?

a) 8

b) 5

c) 6

d) 5 & 1/2

7). A and B can complete a work in 15 days and 10 days respectively. They started doing the work together but after 2 days B had to leave and A alone completed the remaining work. The whole work was completed in?

a) 10 days

b) 15 days

c) 12 days

d) 8 days

8). A can finish a work in 24 days, B in 9 days and C in 12 days. B and C start the work but are forced to leave after 3 days. The remaining work was done by A in?

a) 6 days

b) 5 days

c) 10 days

d) 10 & 1/2 days

9). A machine P can print one lakh books in 8 hours, machine Q can print the same number of books in 10 hours while machine R can print them in 12 hours. All the machines are started at 9 a.m. While machine P is closed at 11 am and the remaining two machines complete the work. Approximately at what time will the work be finished?

a) 11:30 am

b) 12:30 pm

c) 12 noon

d) 1 pm

10). A and B can do a piece of work in 30 days, while B and C can do the same work in 24 days and C and A in 20 days. They all work together for 10 days when B and C leave. How many days more will A take to finish the work?

a) 18 days

b) 36 days

c) 24 days

d) 30 days

How to Solve

All time and work question can be solved by using the concept of pipe and Cistern . Look at following video for more detail.

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