Quantitative Daily Questions: Dated 23 April

NUMBER OF QUESTIONS – 10                                                  TIMING – 12 MIN

pipes and cistern

Q1. Two pipes B and F can fill the tank in 10 hours and 15 hours, respectively. If both the pipes are opened along with an outlet pipe M, then the tank is filled in 30 hours. Help me to find out how much time will the outlet pipe take to empty the full tank.

a) 3.5 hours

b) 4.5 hours

c) 6.5 hours

d) 7.5 hours

e) None of these

Q2. Three pipes A, B and C can fill a tank in 15 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes respectively. The pipe C is closed 6 minutes before the tank is filled. In what time the tank will be full?

a) 6 minutes

b) 8 minutes

c) 12 minutes

d) 14 minutes

e) None of these

Q3. One filling pipe A is 5 times faster than second filling pipe B. If B can fill a cistern in 36 minutes, the find the time when the cistern will be full if both fill pipes are opened together.

a) 6 minutes

b) 8 minutes

c) 4 minutes

d) 12 minutes

e) None of these

Q4. Pipe A can fill an empty tank in 30 hours while B can fill it in 45 hours. Pipe A and B are opened and closed alternatively i.e., first pipe A is opened, then B, again A and then B and so on for 1 hour each time without any time lapse. In how many hours the tank will be filled if it was empty, initially?

a) 36

b) 54

c) 48

d) 60

e) None of these

Q5. A cistern can be filled by two taps A and B coming from the same main pipeline in 20 and 30 minutes respectively. Both the taps are opened at the same time but due to partial closing of a valve in the main pipeline, tap A was supplying only 4/5th of its capacity and tap B, 5/6th of its capacity. After some time, the valve in the main pipeline was opened fully thereby enabling the two taps to supply at full capacity. It took another 5 minutes to fill the cistern completely. How long (approx) was it before the valve on the main pipeline opened?

a) 7 min

b) 9 min

c) 11 min

d) 13 min

e) 5 min

Time and work

6) A is 30% more efficient than B. How much time will they, working together, take to complete a job which A alone could have done in 23 days?

a) 11 days

b) 13 days

c) 20 & 3/7 days

d) None of these

e) 10 days

7).A does half as much work as B in three-fourth of the time. If together they take 18 days to complete the work, how much time shall B take to do it?

a) 30 days

b) 40 days

c) 15 days

d) None of these

e) 35 days

8) A is 50% as efficient as B.C does half of the work done by A and B together. If C alone does the work in 40 days, then A ,B and C together can do the work in?

a) 13 & 1/3 days

b) 20 days

c) 15 days

d) 30 days

e) 15 & 1/2 days

9). Two workers A and B working together completed a job in 5 days. If A worked twice as efficiently as he actually did and B worked 1/3 as efficiently as he actually did, the work would have been completed in 3 days. A alone could complete the work in?

a) 7 & ½ days

b) 6 & ¼

c) 5 & ¼

d) 4 & ¼

e) None of these

10). A can do a work in 15 days and B in 20 days. If they work on it together for 4 days, then the fraction of the work that is left is?

a) 1/ 10

b) 1/ 4

c) 7/15

d) 8/ 15

e) None of these

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