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NIRF Ranking

nirf ranking

NIRF Ranking

NIRF (or National Institutional Ranking Framework) by Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD), has become a prime indicator of ranking of colleges, universities and institutes in different learning fields. Each year, MHRD publish NIRF Ranking before admission season. These rankings covers best institutes in Engineering, Medical, Dental, Management, College, University, Law, Pharmacy and Overall.

As you can refer to above chart, the best institutes are from different regions and covering multiple subject lines. IISc, IITs, IIMs, NLUs are some of the institutes which have consistently performed well each year. 

NIRF Ranking Parameters

NIRF Ranking calculation is based on 5 main sections. These sections are listed as below.

Teaching, Learning & Resources (TLR)

Student Strength including Doctoral Students (SS)
Faculty-student ratio with emphasis on permanent faculty (FSR)
Combined metric for Faculty with PhD (or equivalent) and Experience (FQE)
Financial Resources and their Utilisation (FRU)

Research and Professional Practice (RP)

Combined metric for Publications (PU)
Combined metric for Quality of Publications (QP)
IPR and Patents: Published and Granted (IPR)
Footprint of Projects and Professional Practice (FPPP)

Graduation Outcomes (GO)

Metric for University Examinations (GUE)
Metric for Number of Ph.D. Students Graduated (GPHD)

Outreach and Inclusivity (OI)

Percentage of Students from Other States/Countries (Region Diversity RD)
Percentage of Women (Women Diversity WD)
Economically and Socially Challenged Students (ESCS)
Facilities for Physically Challenged Students (PCS)
Perception (PR) Ranking

Peer Perception

Academic Peers and Employers

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