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Nexus between organized crime and terrorism

Terrorism and organized crimes are causing ‘ threat to India’s ‘ internal and external security. Terrorist attacks like Uri and Pathankot, also organized crime like drug menace in Panjab has proved.

Terrorism:- is planned and systematic use of violence as a means of coercion to achieve political, ideological or religious goals.

Organized crime :- is a group of people either local, national or international that engages in criminal activities for profit.

Nexus between them :-

  1. Terrorist engages in organized crime to support terrorists financially.

Drug tariffing, money laundering, FICN, supari killings.

  1. Organized criminals and terrorists often use and operate the same nature and streamed.

Symbolic relation between them :-

Challenges created by them:

  1. Traditional challenges:-
  • Human tariffing, eg: British – India.
  • Gauzing, betting.
  • Couture killings.
  • Enotria etc.

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  1. Non traditional (modern / transnational)
  • Money laundering – they launder money from activists.
  • Pumping of FICN to India economy threat economy – inflation.
  • Hawed transfers.
  • Arms smuggling – original criminals, smuggle arms for terrorists.
  • Cybercrime – for financial theft and attack on critical infrastructure:- N-plan, sodic, baking, defence.
  • CBRN smuggling [chemical, biological, radiological etc.] Nucor.

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  • Stringent laws – UPPA, 1988.
  • Border management.
  • International cooperation – FATF.

As Vohra committee after 1992 Bombay blast in its report showed this nexus. India needs to do more to half such a threat to Indian democracy and parallel government.

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