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NCERT solutions for Class 7 Math Integer chapter

NCERT books are recommended text book for CBSE school curriculum. Most of the govt aided and private schools in India follow NCERT text books as the syllabus books for school subjects. They are written by eminent academicians and scholars from leading universities and academic institutions in India, and help in building a strong base, as well help understand each concept by relevant examples and exercises.

In this article, we have shared solved NCERT exercises for Class 7 maths Integer chapter.  These NCERT solutions will help students in solving their doubts and clarifying confusion regarding confusions regarding Integer chapter. Students can refer to NCERT solutions for Integer chapter for their conceptual understanding, as well as matching their own answers with the right solutions of the exercises.

Class 7 math ncert solution Integer chapter

Exercise 1.1 solution

Q1 – Following number line shows the temperature in degree celsius (°C) at different places on a particular day. (a) Observe this number line and write the temperature of the places marked on it. (b) What is the temperature difference between the hottest and the coldest places among the above? (c) What is the temperature difference between Lahulspiti and Srinagar? (d) Can we say temperature of Srinagar and Shimla taken together is less than the temperature at Shimla? Is it also less than the temperature at Srinagar? View solution

Q2 – In a quiz, positive marks are given for correct answers and negative marks are given for incorrect answers. If Jack’s scores in five successive rounds were 25, – 5, – 10, 15 and 10, what was his total at the end? View solution

Q3 – At Srinagar temperature was – 5°C on Monday and then it dropped by 2°C on Tuesday. What was the temperature of Srinagar on Tuesday? On Wednesday, it rose by 4°C. What was the temperature on this day? View solution

Q4 – A plane is flying at the height of 5000 m above the sea level. At a particular point, it is exactly above a submarine floating 1200 m below the sea level. What is the vertical distance between them? View solution

Q5 – Mohan deposits Rs 2,000 in his bank account and withdraws Rs 1,642 from it, the next day. If withdrawal of amount from the account is represented by a negative integer, then how will you represent the amount deposited? Find the balance in Mohan’s account after the withdrawal View solution

Q6 – Rita goes 20 km towards east from a point A to the point B. From B, she moves 30 km towards west along the same road. If the distance towards east is represented by a positive integer then, how will you represent the distance travelled towards west? By which integer will you represent her final position from A? View solution

Q7 – In a magic square each row, column and diagonal have the same sum. Check which of the following is a magic square View solution

Q8 – Verify a – (– b) = a + b for the following values of a and b. (i) a = 21, b = 18 (ii) a = 118, b = 125 (iii) a = 75, b = 84 (iv) a = 28, b = 11 View solution

Q9 – Use the sign of >, < or = in the box to make the statements true View solution

Q10- A water tank has steps inside it. A monkey is sitting on the topmost step (i.e., the first step). The water level is at the ninth step. (i) He jumps 3 steps down and then jumps back 2 steps up. In how many jumps will he reach the water level? (ii) After drinking water, he wants to go back. For this, he jumps 4 steps up and then jumps back 2 steps down in every move. In how many jumps will he reach back the top step? (iii) If the number of steps moved down is represented by negative integers and the number of steps moved up by positive integers, represent his moves in part (i) and (ii) by completing the following; (a) – 3 + 2 – … = – 8 (b) 4 – 2 + … = 8. In (a) the sum (– 8) represents going down by eight steps. So, what will the sum 8 in (b) represent? View solution

Exercise 1.2 solutions

Q1 – Write down a pair of integers whose: (a) sum is –7 (b) difference is –10 (c) sum is 0 View solution

Q2 – (a) Write a pair of negative integers whose difference gives 8. (b) Write a negative integer and a positive integer whose sum is –5. (c) Write a negative integer and a positive integer whose difference is –3. View solution

Q3 – In a quiz, team A scored – 40, 10, 0 and team B scored 10, 0, – 40 in three successive rounds. Which team scored more? Can we say that we can add integers in any order? View solution

Q4 – Fill in the blanks to make the following statements true: View solution

Exercise 1.3 solutions

Q1 – Find each of the following products: View solution

Q2 – Verify the following: View solution

Q3 – (i) For any integer a, what is (–1) × a equal to? (ii) Determine the integer whose product with (–1) is (a) –22 (b) 37 (c) 0 View solution

Q4 – Starting from (–1) × 5, write various products showing some pattern to show (–1) × (–1) = 1 View solution

Q5 – Find the product, using suitable properties: View solution

Q6 – A certain freezing process requires that room temperature be lowered from 40°C at the rate of 5°C every hour. What will be the room temperature 10 hours after the process begins? View solution

Q7 – In a class test containing 10 questions, 5 marks are awarded for every correct answer and (–2) marks are awarded for every incorrect answer and 0 for questions not attempted. (i) Mohan gets four correct and six incorrect answers. What is his score? (ii) Reshma gets five correct answers and five incorrect answers, what is her score? (iii) Heena gets two correct and five incorrect answers out of seven questions she attempts. What is her score? View solution

Q8 – A cement company earns a profit of Rs 8 per bag of white cement sold and a loss of Rs 5 per bag of grey cement sold. (a) The company sells 3,000 bags of white cement and 5,000 bags of grey cement in a month. What is its profit or loss? (b) What is the number of white cement bags it must sell to have neither profit nor loss, if the number of grey bags sold is 6,400 bags. View solution

Q9 – Replace the blank with an integer to make it a true statement View solution

Exercise 1.4 solutions

Q1 – Evaluate each of the following: View solution

Q2 – Verify that a ÷ (b + c) ≠ (a ÷ b) + (a ÷ c) for each of the following values of a, b and c. (a) a = 12, b = – 4, c = 2 (b) a = (–10), b = 1, c = 1 View solution

Q3 – Fill in the blanks View solution

Q4 – Write five pairs of integers (a, b) such that a ÷ b = –3. One such pair is (6, –2) because 6 ÷ (–2) = (–3) View solution

Q5 – The temperature at 12 noon was 10°C above zero. If it decreases at the rate of 2°C per hour until midnight, at what time would the temperature be 8°C below zero? What would be the temperature at mid-night? View solution

Q6 – In a class test (+ 3) marks are given for every correct answer and (–2) marks are given for every incorrect answer and no marks for not attempting any question. (i) Radhika scored 20 marks. If she has got 12 correct answers, how many questions has she attempted incorrectly? (ii) Mohini scores –5 marks in this test, though she has got 7 correct answers. How many questions has she attempted incorrectly? View solution

Q7 – An elevator descends into a mine shaft at the rate of 6 m/min. If the descent starts from 10 m above the ground level, how long will it take to reach – 350 m. View solution


In the article, we have shared solutions for ncert exercises for class 7 maths for Integer chapter. Students can click to respective chapters and refer to the right solution. We advise students to refer to them as clearing their concepts, and matching their solutions. Student should not use them to copy solutions for their homework and instead should try to solve homework on own, as it will impact their learning process.

In case you have any doubts regarding solution, or need further clarification, you can write to us. You can also reach out to us, in case you have doubt in other text books’ problems or school exam papers. We will be glad to assist you in helping with your doubt.

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