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20 Most Important Essay Topics for RBI Grade B Exam

Hello Students, We hope that your RBI Grade B preparations are going on with full swing. In this article, we will tell you the 20 most probable essay topics for the RBI Grade B 2018 exam. An essay is one of the most important section of RBI Grade B English paper and you are required to write a 200 words essay (as per latest format) during RBI Grade B English exam.

Analysis of past year RBI Grade B Essay

In RBI Grade B 2018, following topics were asked in essay: 

1) Financial Literacy
2) Positives and Negatives of Demonetization
3) Unified Payment Interface
4) Micro Finance Institutions

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In 2017, students were asked to write an essay on the following topics.

a) Nuclear Power Plant

b) NPA

c) Digitization and Ransomware

d) Merger of SBI

e) Centralization of Higher Education

As you can see, majority of RBI Grade B essay topics cover finance and economics sector.


Non-Performing Asset is one of the most talked things in India from last 2 years. India’ NPA graph is surging due to various reason few among them are Slowing down of Indian Economy, Non-discriminated Lending by Banks, Political influences in banking, RBI stringent AQR et.al. This problem can actually sink our banking sector, and thus create havoc to the economy.


Lots of SBI associate banks were merged with SBI to create a bigger unified SBI. This impacted directly to public as well to the banks


Digitization and Ransomware – As the world is getting global, the problem of e-fraud is increasing day by day. E-security is much talked about feature these days.

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Nuclear Power Plant – Indian government gave big push to nuclear energy when it approves 10 new power plants in 2017. India being power deficient need to find new sources of clean and cheaper energy, and nuclear power can help us in this.

20 most probable essay topics for RBI Grade B English

We have compiled list of most probable essay topics for RBI Grade B English. This list is compiled after researching most important news and events in recent times.

Most probable essay topics in Banking and Finance for RBI Grade B 2019

1. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code

This is one of the biggest reforms in Indian banking sector which aims to target NPA, and develop a mechanism to early identification of stressed assets.

See insolvency and bankruptcy code video

2. FRDI bill

The Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance bill were pitched by the Lok Sabha in August 2017, with the sole intention of protecting financial institutions from going bust and bringing in orderly regime in financial firms. There are many concerns among general public among clause of possible losing out of money in case of bank closure.

See FRDI bills details:

3. Crypto-currency

RBI has recently banned cryptocurrency in India. Is cryptocurrency a need of an hour. Are govt is putting too much regulations over our money.


Most probable essay topics in Government Schemes for RBI Grade B


4. Doubling farmer income

Modi govt is focussing a lot of increasing farmer income in next 5 years. Various ministries (Agriculture, Rural Development, Fisheries, Horticulture etc) are working solely on this mission.


See what different steps are taken by govt to double farm income: https://youtu.be/qb7x84PS4mk

5. 100 percent electrification

India recently covered the last mile in 100% electrification drive. But, there is more requirement for providing 24×7 power and introducing clean fuel and over-dependence on petroleum products.

6. Modicare (National healthcare protection scheme)

One of the highlight of budget 2018 was universal health scheme also called Modicare. This scheme aims to provide cheap medical facilities to lacs of Indian

7. Skill development initiative

India produces largest graduates every year, but a bulk of them are unemployable due to the poor education system. Union govt is working hard to skill and train them, and they make them a productive citizen.

Most probable essay topics in Agriculture and Rural Sector for RBI Grade B

8. Minimum support prices issues

Important topics- operation green, USA sanctions

In Budget 2018, a new scheme “operation green” was launched. This includes providing an MSP for crops like potato, onion and tomatoes.

9. Dairy farming boost

Work with Israel, new credit schemes in budget

Animal husbandary is in prime focus recently, as Modi govt is focussed towards doubling farm income. Various schemes were introduced in budget 2018. With easy credit availability and new husbnadary technique (in collaboration with Israel) ,we will see a major jump in future

Most probable essay topics in Business and Economy for RBI Grade B

10. Disinvestment in sector like aviation, DEFENSE

Union govt has been planned to divest 100 percent government stake in Air India Express (AIXL) and 50 percent in AISATS.

Similarly, the government has disinvested majorly in its defense sector and opened it for private sale.

11. Multi-brand retail stores

Walmart recently bought 77% stakes in Flipkart at whopping 17 billion dollars deal. Indian online retail sector is now a direct fight between two American giants (Walmart vs Amazon). Will small time retailers will feel the inch. Will, there be any policy changes with regards to international players in Indian market

12. Ease of doing business in India

India has improved 30 spots in Ease of doing business. With stronger insolvency and bankruptcy law, it will further improve this cause

13. GST reforms and its challenges

GST is a major tax reform done in recent time. Being a new system there were lot of hiccupts initially, and with new e-way bill it is giving an end to end picture of supply chain. This system will improve our tax collection in coming future

Most probable essay topics in Ecology and Environment for RBI Grade B

14. Water sharing issues like cauvery

Water has been cause of enmity among multiple states (Punjab-Haryana, Karnataka-TN and many more). It has become political fodder, and this issue is the cause of several unrest and violences across India. There is a need of finding a definite mechanism for resolving such conflicts.

15. Deforestation and climate change

Topics: depleting forest reserve, Delhi pollution

India has been witnessing a severe early winter smog over northern plains (primarly due to stubble burning).

India forest cover is depleting, and there is an urgent need to do something.

topics in Education and Technology for RBI Grade B

16. E-literacy

India has seen a growth in online education in the recent year. Easy and cheap internet, smartphones has propelled this drive. India need to strength this medium of communication to use in the implementation of several schemes.

17. Block Chain Technology

Block Chain Technology is not only about the Bitcoins. There other potential use of this technology where record maintenance is important.  Government is going to set up a committee to understand its potential use.

18. Artificial intelligence and the way forward

Companies are investing heavily in artificial intelligence, and many human functions are now done through robots and softwares.

Most probable essay topics in International and Misc for RBI Grade B

19. Aadhaar card and right to privacy

With present government linking aadhaar card details with everything, there have been concerns raised by the public regarding data breach, identity theft and moreover right to privacy

20. Going towards De-globalization

WTO losing its influence as can be noticed from no substantial outcome out of 11th MC committee. Also, some countries (including India, USA) getting more interesting into the Regional Trade Agreement, which is not good for the world as a whole.


We have concluded list of 20 most probable essay topics for RBI grade b 2018. We will update on few more topics in coming time. Furthermore, you can submit your essays to us, and our team will give you personal feedback and necessary improvement tips.

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