Interview of last few years toppers in GATE examination

Aspirants now days loose confidence so quickly, that they start questioning their ability and intelligence. They often blame their luck. These type of students should be provided with motivation and importantly they should be self motivated.

Students admire and try to be in the shoes of toppers. We have always seen successful people, well settled in their life, earning enough to make your jaws drop, dressed in professional attire and a measured smile stick to their lips. But we all are curious to travel behind those covers, to know from where they started, what struggle they went through, and most importantly for aspirants; it is their strategy for any competition, how they prepare, and what let them to be one in thousands.

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Interviews of Gate toppers

GATE is one of the toughest examination in the field of engineering. Where some students are adamant to prove their ability and intelligence, some just give up so easily. Generally people think that only brilliant student could pass this exam, but today I am presenting you few strategies of toppers who followed them to prove, that any average student can crack this exam. You just need to plan a strategy and be determined on following that.

Following are the some simple success mantra’s from last few year toppers of GATE who acquired AIR-I from different engineering streams. Despite being an average student, they proved their brilliance.

◆ Amit Kumar (Mechanical branch)- 2018-[AIR-I]
This was not his first attempt . He already appeared for GATE examination in 2013 and secured AIR-7. He then appeared in 2018 and got AIR-I. According to his strategy, you don’t have to emphasize on number of hours you study; but the content you understood. Amit Kumar agrees with studying from authorised books, and is more determined about self study. He strongly recommend for giving mock tests and online test series one month prior to exams, it will help you analyse your efficiency and capability.

He keeps self study prior to any coaching study, he believes that coaching gives us only proper guidance; the real hard work is to be done by ourselves. For he says it will improve the job prospects, though it’s all about personal preference.

◆ Shivam Singh (EE)-2017-[AIR-I]

Shivam’s first attempt was not so good as he secured AIR-698. He truly accept his flaws for not performing well; and that was not giving proper test series. Once he knew himself about his mistakes, he become more determined next time and secured AIR-1 in 2017.

According to him the first step for the preparation of GATE is to drop your placement, because it wouldn’t let your mind free and it gets hard to concentrate more over you would be engaged in office work only. He agrees with following coaching notes and referring books too. He suggested upcoming GATE aspirants to prepare your weak sections first and develop a accuracy in them, then cover main topics. Shivam when asked for how he prepared in last months; he answered that revision one time of whole syllabus is must and then only test series for last month.

During examination we often forget the things we know due to stress level, so Shivam suggests to attempt Aptitude section first, as it is easy and scoring subject, it will reduce stress. He also goes with attempting questions subject wise not mark wise. He adviced new aspirants of GATE to prepare your own notes for your weaker section and make your own tricks for formulas and concepts which you understand clearly.

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Shivam emphasized on keep revising old subjects with the current subjects going on in coachings. His mantra is Luck is proportional to hard-work.

◆ Ankita Jain (CS)-2016-[AIR-I]

Girls today are no less than boys, they proved their efficiency in almost each and every field.

Similarly, Ankita Jain proved her abilities and intelligence in field of computer science. Her dedication and hard work led her to be a topper.

Ankita’s only simple success mantra is Learn, Test, Improve and Repeat.

She also emphasizes on giving online test series to boost your confidence and you can analyse your weakness. More over mock tests are best for time management.

◆ Pradeep Seervi-(EE)-2015-[AIR-I]

Pradeep suggested easy way to attempt examination i.e he advised to attempt Aptitude first, as they are easy and good for hosting confidence in the beginning of exam. Secondly, don’t waste too much time on questions which you find difficult; mark them for review and move forward. He also said that numericals may seem lengthy and tipical, but once you read question properly it won’t take much time to solve them.

Pradeep emphasized on studying with efficient manner, maintaining a proper study plan and to strictly follow that. Like others, he also suggested to give online test series in last months.

◆ Ankit Goyal-(EE)-2014-[AIR-I]

For him, it was bit different from others as online examination was introduce in 2014, he already appeared for GATE and gave offline exam. He shared his experience for online system; and he was so much satisfied with that.

Unlike others Ankit was in favour of attempting Core subjects first and then the Aptitude section. As he believe that you can save last time for easy questions; so one can attempt more questions in less time.

He suggested to make notes for your weaker subjects and keep revising them. Ankit success mantra is Planned strategy, Set a timeline and be 100% committed to your plan.


Giving test series is one common thing which all toppers suggest and emphasize to do. Because test series let you analyse, manage your time, and highlights your weak subjects.

From all these stories of toppers we can easily conclude that no one can get success by doing nothing, you have to put your dedication, efforts and hard work in your goals. Proper strategy, study plan and time management are few steps which make your efforts smooth. You must follow these strictly in order to attain success in life.

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