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Important Essay topics for Nabard Grade A/B exam

The National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development exam takes place in both Grade A and Grade B sectors. Both have descriptive English as part of their exam syllabus. This article will cover the important essay topics expected to be asked in the exam keeping in view the syllabus and past year papers.

The syllabus for mains for grade B is divided into three papers – Paper 1: General English, Paper 2: Economic and Social Issues and Agriculture and Rural Development and Paper 3 specific to the post whereas for Grade A it is clubbed into just two papers. All three papers contain essay topics and we will address the first two papers.

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Paper 1: General English

In the essay writing section, six questions will be asked out of which any one must be answered. The word limit for the essay is 500 words. Mostly, the topics given in this section are related to Economics or Agricultural issues. The following topics were taken from a previous year paper:

  1. Soil erosion and water conservation

Soil erosion is a increasing cause of concern since the environment is pressurized by increasing population, modernity and development and changing lifestyle. Due to this, water is also becoming scarce since without soil groundwater availability reduces.

  1. Farmers Loan must be looked upon as good investment.

Farmers’ suicide and other farmers’ problems must be mentioned, and justification must be given in this topic while keeping in mind the common man’s responsibility over farmers.

  1. Fisheries and foresty

Forests are slowly diminishing due to increasing population and pressure on land area. Subsequently, pollution from these civilisations affect fisheries and other food from the water sources.

  1. Alternative Sources of Energy

With the present resources depleting slowly, it is imperative that we find alternatives that are cleaner, dependable and more useful than the current resources we have. Candidates must include the alternatives available along with the pros and cons of each.

  1. Market Access to rural handicrafts.

With the rise in globalisation, foreign competition has increased in the indigenous markets. Consumers have now got a wide choice with both native as well as foreign products available in their hands. With this domination, rural handicrafts and other cottage industries are suffering a backlash. Candidates must focus on this point in this topic.

Other essay writing topics taken from Yojana and Kurukshetra magazines include:

  1. Contribution of handicrafts and textile sector in economic growth of India
  2. Women and Handloom sector
  3. Skill development for craftsmanship in India
  4. Doubling farmers income by 2022 – A dream or reality
  5. How Skill India campaign is changing lives of Indian youth.
  6. Universal Health Insurance – India’s plans and progress
  7. Financial inclusion for economic security
  8. Interdependence of Infrastructure and rural transformation
  9. Maternal healthcare – Indian policies and programmes
  10. Progress of Rural Electrification Programmes in India
  11. Rural Youth empowerment – Initiatives of Indian Government
  12. How to sustain youth in agriculture and its allied activities
  13. Climate change scenario – Is India prepared?
  14. How can India strengthen its financial system?
  15. Women power and how to utilize it for economic development.

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Paper 2: Economics and Social Issues

This section also includes topics from Agriculture and Rural sectors. Some of the essay topics asked in the socio-economic section are:

  1. Digital India – Are Indians ready for it?

Under Narendra Modi’s rule, India is undergoing a lot of development. In all his schemes, the ‘Digital India’ scheme is gaining attention. But the real question is whether we are ready for it. India is facing a huge parity in development and this might hamper the scheme’s progress.

  1. Demographic trends

Demographic trends of India is gradually changing. Population numbers, health and social care, education levels, etc are rising and falling. Students are required to know and understand these trends to attempt these questions better.

  1. Inflation

The widely discussed topic in economics is inflation. The rise in prices adversely affects the general public and the cash flow in economy. Candidates must understand the inflation levels and also previous trends to compare with current levels.

  1. Discuss the pros and cons for the merger of public sector banks in India

In the recent years, steps have been taken to merge various public banks for economic benefits. The candidate must analyse and judge the pros and cons of such moves and how it impacts the public.

  1. Nature of Indian economy

Candidates must have a clear understanding of Indian economy and must be able to cover all aspects like financial schemes, economic reforms and any other developments that impact the economy.

Other important topics for this section include:

  1. Discuss national health policy of India
  2. India’s emerging role in United Nations
  3. What improved India’s rank in Ease of Doing Business?
  4. Review India’s foreign trade policy.
  5. Labour Reforms in India
  6. Child Development Programmes in India
  7. Jan-Dhan Yojana and Minimum Balance Penalty – How will it work?
  8. Relationship between SWIFT Code and Core Banking Solution
  9. Why did Government decide to bear Merchant Discount Rate?
  10. Employment Generation Programmes in India
  11. Education in India
  12. How can India improve its ranking in Human Development Index?
  13. Adhaar-Pan link – Why is it so important?
  14. Steps taken by government to tackle NPA
  15. Unlimited Mobile Internet – Is it a reason for unemployment?


Candidates must go through the syllabus to understand what is important and what is not to tackle this section better. These essay topics will help in preparation for the mains for both grade A and grade B of the NABARD exam.

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