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Class 8 maths NCERT solutions Rational Numbers

Number system is one of the basic concept of mathematics, which covers study of different types of numbers like natural numbers, whole numbers, integers, fractions, decimals etc. One of the important type of number in number system is rational number as it cover all possible number which can be covered on number line in the form of p/q (where p and q are integer , and q cannot be zero). Grade 8 Rational number chapter covers the detailed coverage of this topic, including studying its properties, and doing arithmetic operations on the rational numbers. This chapter has been best covered in Class 8 Maths NCERT book, which give real life examples of rational numbers, and cover all the topics thoroughly.
NCERT books are recommended course text books for students following Indian curriculum. They have been followed by CBSE and all other major school boards in India and abroad. Almost all of the public and private schools recommend this books to their students.
In this article, we have discussed about the Class 8 maths NCERT book and exercises. We have provided detailed video solutions of NCERT problems for Class 8. Students can look into solved NCERT exercises for class 8 mathematics.
Though Rational number chapter looks easy, but many students make mistake in handling expressions involving arithmetic operations like addition, subtractions, division etc. These solved NCERT problems for class 8 will help in clearing the concepts of rational numbers, and also make student understand in how to avoid common mistakes in rational number chapters.

Class 8 math ncert solution rational number chapter

Exercise 1.1 solutions

Q1 – Using appropriate properties find. View Answer

Q2 – Write the additive inverse of each of the following View Answer

Q3 – Verify that – (– x) = x for View Answer

Q4 – Find the multiplicative inverse of the following View Answer

Q5 – Name the property under multiplication used in each of the following View Answer

Q6 – Multiply 6/13 by the reciprocal of -7/16 View Answer

Q7 – Tell what property allows you to compute View Answer

Q8 – Is 8/9 the multiplicative inverse of -1 1/8 ? Why or why not? View Answer

Q9 – Is 0.3 the multiplicative inverse of 3 1/3 ? Why or why not? View Answer

Q10 – Write.(i) The rational number that does not have a reciprocal. (ii) The rational numbers that are equal to their reciprocals. (iii) The rational number that is equal to its negative View Answer

Q11 – Fill in the blanks.(i) Zero has ________ reciprocal. (ii) The numbers ________ and ________ are their own reciprocals (iii) The reciprocal of – 5 is ________. (iv) Reciprocal of 1/x, where x ≠ 0 is ________. (v) The product of two rational numbers is always a _______. (vi) The reciprocal of a positive rational number is ________.  View Answer

Exercise 1.2

Q1 – Represent these numbers on the number line View Answer

Q2 – Represent -2/11 , -5/11 , -9/11 on the number line View Answer

Q3 – Write five rational numbers which are smaller than 2 View Answer

Q4 – Find ten rational numbers between -2/4 and ½ View Answer

Q5 – Find five rational numbers between View Answer

Q6 – Write five rational numbers greater than –2. View Answer

Q7 – Find ten rational numbers between 3/5 and ¾ View Answer

End Note

In the article, we have shared solutions for ncert exercises for class 8 maths for rational number chapter. Students can click to respective chapters and refer to the right solution. We advise students to refer to them as clearing their concepts, and matching their solutions. Student should not use them to copy solutions for their homework and instead should try to solve homework on own, as it will impact their learning process.

In case you have any doubts regarding solution, or need further clarification, you can write to us. You can also reach out to us, in case you have doubt in other text books’ problems or school exam papers. We will be glad to assist you in helping with your doubt.

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