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Class 8 maths ncert solutions for mensuration

Mensuration topic is related to practical aspect of geometry, where we analyze different geometrical objects and understand their measurements. This topic cover important geometrical figures including 2 D figures like rectangle, square, circle, triangle, parallelogram etc and 3 dimensional figures like cube, cuboid, cylinder, sphere, cone etc. This chapter cover how to calculate area and perimeter for 2 dimensional figures, and volume, surface area for the three dimensional shapes.
Mensuration chapter is covered best in the NCERT books for class 8 maths book, which offers various examples and exercise to understand different concepts.
NCERT books are recommended course text books for students following Indian curriculum. They have been followed by CBSE and all other major school boards in India and abroad. Almost all of the public and private schools recommend this books to their students.
In this article, we have discussed about the Class 8 maths NCERT exercises for Mensuration chapter. We have provided detailed video solutions of NCERT problems for Class 8. Students can look into solved NCERT exercises for class 8 mathematics.
Though Mensuration chapter looks easy, but many students face difficulties in understanding three dimensional shapes and their measurements like surface area. These solved NCERT problems for class 8 will help in clearing the concepts of Mensuration chapter, and also make student understand in how to avoid common mistakes in Mensuration chapter.

Class 8 math ncert solution mensuration chapter

Exercise 11.1 solutions

Q1 – A square and a rectangular field with measurements as given in the figure have the same perimeter. Which field has a larger area? View Answer

Q2 – Mrs. Kaushik has a square plot with the measurement as shown in the figure. She wants to construct a house in the middle of the plot. A garden is developed around the house. Find the total cost of developing a garden around the house at the rate of Rs 55 per m2 View Answer

Q3 – The shape of a garden is rectangular in the middle and semi circular at the ends as shown in the diagram. Find the area and the perimeter of this garden . View Answer

Q4 – A flooring tile has the shape of a parallelogram whose base is 24 cm and the corresponding height is 10 cm. How many such tiles are required to cover a floor of area 1080 m2 ? View Answer

Q5 – An ant is moving around a few food pieces of different shapes scattered on the floor. For which food-piece would the ant have to take a longer round? Remember, circumference of a circle can be obtained by using the expression c = 2πr, where r is the radius of the circle View Answer

Exercise 11.2

Q1 – The shape of the top surface of a table is a trapezium. Find its area if its parallel sides are 1 m and 1.2 m and perpendicular distance between them is 0.8 m View Answer

Q2 – The area of a trapezium is 34 cm2 and the length of one of the parallel sides is 10 cm and its height is 4 cm. Find the length of the other parallel side. View Answer

Q3 – Length of the fence of a trapezium shaped field ABCD is 120 m. If BC = 48 m, CD = 17 m and AD = 40 m, find the area of this field. Side AB is perpendicular to the parallel sides AD and BC. View Answer

Q4 – The diagonal of a quadrilateral shaped field is 24 m and the perpendiculars dropped on it from the remaining opposite vertices are 8 m and 13 m. Find the area of the field. View Answer

Q5 – The diagonals of a rhombus are 7.5 cm and 12 cm. Find its area. View Answer

Q6 – Find the area of a rhombus whose side is 5 cm and whose altitude is 4.8 cm. If one of its diagonals is 8 cm long, find the length of the other diagonal. View Answer

Q7 – The floor of a building consists of 3000 tiles which are rhombus shaped and each of its diagonals are 45 cm and 30 cm in length. Find the total cost of polishing the floor, if the cost per m2 is Rs 4 View Answer

Q8 – Mohan wants to buy a trapezium shaped field. Its side along the river is parallel to and twice the side along the road. If the area of this field is 10500 m2  and the perpendicular distance between the two parallel sides is 100 m, find the length of the side along the river. View Answer

Q9 – Top surface of a raised platform is in the shape of a regular octagon as shown in the figure. Find the area of the octagonal surface. View Answer

Q10 – There is a pentagonal shaped park as shown in the figure. For finding its area Jyoti and Kavita divided it in two different ways. Find the area of this park using both ways. Can you suggest some other way of finding its area? View Answer

Q11 – Diagram of the adjacent picture frame has outer dimensions = 24 cm × 28 cm and inner dimensions 16 cm × 20 cm. Find the area of each section of the frame, if the width of each section is same. View Answer

Exercise 11.3

Q1 – There are two cuboidal boxes. Which box requires the lesser amount of material to make? View Answer

Q2 – A suitcase with measures 80 cm × 48 cm × 24 cm is to be covered with a tarpaulin cloth. How many metres of tarpaulin of width 96 cm is required to cover 100 such suitcases? View Answer

Q3 – Find the side of a cube whose surface area is 600 cm2 View Answer

Q4 – Rukhsar painted the outside of the cabinet of measure 1 m × 2 m × 1.5 m. How much surface area did she cover if she painted all except the bottom of the cabinet. View Answer

Q5 – Daniel is painting the walls and ceiling of a cuboidal hall with length, breadth and height of 15 m, 10 m and 7 m respectively. From each can of paint 100 m2  of area is painted. How many cans of paint will she need to paint the room? View Answer

Q6 – Describe how the two figures at the right are alike and how they are different. Which box has larger lateral surface area? View Answer

Q7 – A closed cylindrical tank of radius 7 m and height 3 m is made from a sheet of metal. How much sheet of metal is required? View Answer

Q8 – The lateral surface area of a hollow cylinder is 4224 cm2 . It is cut along its height and formed a rectangular sheet of width 33 cm. Find the perimeter of rectangular sheet? View Answer

Q9 – A road roller takes 750 complete revolutions to move once over to level a road. Find the area of the road if the diameter of a road roller is 84 cm and length is 1 m View Answer

Q10 – A company packages its milk powder in cylindrical container whose base has a diameter of 14 cm and height 20 cm. Company places a label around the surface of the container (as shown in the figure). If the label is placed 2 cm from top and bottom, what is the area of the label. View Answer

Exercise 11.4

Q1 – Given a cylindrical tank, in which situation will you find surface area and in which situation volume. (a) To find how much it can hold. (b) Number of cement bags required to plaster it. (c) To find the number of smaller tanks that can be filled with water from it. View Answer

Q2 – Diameter of cylinder A is 7 cm, and the height is 14 cm. Diameter of cylinder B is 14 cm and height is 7 cm. Without doing any calculations can you suggest whose volume is greater? Verify it by finding the volume of both the cylinders. Check whether the cylinder with greater volume also has greater surface area? View Answer

Q3 – Find the height of a cuboid whose base area is 180 cm2  and volume is 900 cm3 View Answer

Q4- A cuboid is of dimensions 60 cm × 54 cm × 30 cm. How many small cubes with side 6 cm can be placed in the given cuboid? View Answer

Q5 – Find the height of the cylinder whose volume is 1.54 m3 and diameter of the base is 140 cm ? View Answer

Q6 – A milk tank is in the form of cylinder whose radius is 1.5 m and length is 7 m. Find the quantity of milk in litres that can be stored in the tank? View Answer

Q7 – If each edge of a cube is doubled, (i) how many times will its surface area increase? (ii) how many times will its volume increase? View Answer

Q8 – Water is pouring into a cubiodal reservoir at the rate of 60 litres per minute. If the volume of reservoir is 108 m3 , find the number of hours it will take to fill the reservoir. View Answer

End Note

In the article, we have shared solutions for ncert exercises for class 8 maths for mensuration chapter. Students can click to respective chapters and refer to the right solution. We advise students to refer to them as clearing their concepts, and matching their solutions. Student should not use them to copy solutions for their homework and instead should try to solve homework on own, as it will impact their learning process.

In case you have any doubts regarding solution, or need further clarification, you can write to us. You can also reach out to us, in case you have doubt in other text books’ problems or school exam papers. We will be glad to assist you in helping with your doubt.

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