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Best Math apps for kids

Mathematics (or Math) is one subject which is either hugely popular among children or it is one subject which children are most afraid of. There are no subjective or opinion based answers in math. Either student score full mark or zero mark in math. Hence, it is very important to have fun filled way of learning math, so to make it neither boring nor challenging for kids. There are lots of education apps for android, I-Phone or even desktop computer, which help children in learning math the most easiest way, and hence understanding difficult concepts by gaming or by interactive activities.  So, let’s find out the most popular apps for kids right now.

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Why should kids use Math Apps for learning?

Let’s first see how various Math apps help in children learning mathematics.

  • Build a strong foundation of mathematics among children. A strong math base is required is lots of career options.
  • Boost Math skills among kids. Kids will be more confidence in solving math questions
  • Improve overall learning outcomes like better performance in class tests
  • Make Math fun and enjoyable. Gaming and fun exercises transform the experience.
  • Learn Math anywhere and anytime using internet on mobile or laptop.

Key features to look for in Math apps

It is true that there are thousands of online math apps and websites who claim to be good. Below checklist will help you decide which Math apps for kids to choose and which to avoid.

  • Curriculum alignment
  • Endorsement by educators
  • Learning outcomes
  • Progress tracking
  • Ease of Use
  • Promotion of engagement & creativity
  • Level of assessment and analysis
  • Types of positive reinforcement
  • Age appropriateness
  • Cost

Ready to discover the best math apps for kids? Let’s go!

Best Math Apps for Kids


Available for : Pre-K to Grade 5 students

Best feature: Learning math using interactive graphics.

Cost: Free on both Google Play and iOS App store

Kids start with learning basic math concepts like counting, identifying shapes on Splashlearn. For older kids, there are lessons for primary math concepts like algebra, number system etc


Available for : Grade 1-8.

Best feature: Strong adaptive learning process for instilling STEM knowledge

Cost: Free on Google Play, iOS App store and Windows

This app contains math as well as other subjects like science, social studies, photography etc. Students can learn topic wise Math learning material and assessments. There is also strong online community for discussions on problems and doubts.


Available for : K-12 curriculum

Best feature: Offer personalized learning experience, strong assessment and preparation for standardized assessments like SAT and ACT

Cost: 30 days free trial, and then chargeable

Most comprehensive app covering K-12 curriculum. This offers all types of scholastic subjects including Math, English, Science, Social Studies and Languages. Its assessment platform is also well designed with real time diagnostics and detailed analytics of performance.


Available for : From Pre-K to High school Maths

Best feature: Offer rich multiplayer gaming and treasure hunt features for learning math

Cost: Free version available with limited features. Available on Android, iOS, Web Browser and Amazon

Prodigy is most fun filled gaming experience in learning math concept. It offers quests and various games, which kids can play with their friends, and learn math while playing


Available for : From Pre-K to High school Maths

Best feature: AI assisted app which offer game based math learning for kids

Cost: Freemium model. Free version available with limited features. Available on Android and iOS

Combining features of Artificial intelligence (For personalization) and gaming, NumberSense offer highly engaging and effective way of learing math for kids. This app also offer registration for parents and educators to.

Final Thoughts on Math Apps for kids

Math apps are great way to arouse interest for math among kids. With usage of personalization, data analytics, Artificial Intelligence and gaming, math apps have successfully captured interest of kids, and made math easy.

We understand that one size fit all is not possible for all children. Hence, we also recommend you to enroll into online math tutoring, if your child is struggling in math, and is find it hard.

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