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Artificial Intelligence – What it is and why it matters

Artificial Intelligence is a technology in which information from required sources are collected and processed to take an accurate decision. E.g. AI in predicting the Monsoonal parameters helps for agriculture.

  • Analysis of AI:

  1. Significance of AI:

a) AI helps in Banking Sector to identify the loan defaulters.

b) It is used in National Security for identifying the criminal records of an individual.

c) Providing customized data which helps Government in policy framing.

d) The sectors like Agriculture, Education, Medicine, Smart cities can be benefited through AI.

AI in the context of Indian Government

a). Education: AI in the field of education can improve the curriculum,standards, and pedagogies in the Government schools and in education system. This will be a significance tool in identifying the skill gap.

b).   Agriculture: Using AI, the precipitation laws, weather forecast, soil texture can be analyzed and data can be fed in the system for communicating with agriculture farmers. It helps in cropping pattern and crop selection.

c).  Healthcare: The AI can be a stop forward in advancing basic healthcare through Tele medicine, Precision in diagnosing the disease.

d).  Environment: The AI is a revolution where natural disasters, weather forecasting, earthquakes prediction, and tsunami monitoring systems are carried out. It can save lives o thousands during cyclones. (e.g. Fani cyclone in East Coast of India).

The Niti Ayog in their paper has highlighted certain barriers in the in implementing. They are:

a). Lack of Expertise in AI Research and Technology.

b). Absence of comprehensive data in feeding the system.

c). It drains huge amount from exchequer in installing.

d). Privacy and Security concerns act as an impediment.

e). Awareness among the people because of illiteracy rate.

In one hand, there are enormous benefits to the mankind and the eco system, on the other hand eminent like Stephen Hawking, Elon Mask, has warned about the AI destabilizing the global order.  Therefore, the Government should come with a regulatory framework and policy by taking into account regarding limitation.

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