Saniya Bano

 I am Saniya Bano from Lucknow. I have completed my bachelors in science from IT college in zoology, botany and chemistry, and I am currently pursuing B.ed from integral university. I did my intermediate from modern school with 66% and high school from mt. carmel with 74%. I was a part of ADORE INDIA which is a non government organisation based in Kolkata from August 2021, to November, 2021. I volunteered as a teacher at Adore in english, E.V.S., maths and science for the primary and middle school students. I also undertook management tasks in the organisation. I am passionate about teaching and enthusiastic of bringing about a positive change to the society by educating the young learners. I love being around children and being able to be there for them as a guide, as a facilitator, and as a friend is something what im looking for. I would describe myself as disciplined, empathetic and persistent. I consider myself a philanthropist and an animal lover. I am also passionate about writing and story telling, wherein I often write short stories in my free time.


“I believe in not only being a teacher for the students, but also be their guide, facilitator, motivator and a friend. A child will always look up to the teacher if they understand their individual differences, and their uniqueness. I am very good at developing healthy relationships with the child and their parents and defining the needs and requirements for the purpose of over-all development of the child. My integrity lies in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the child and helping him overcome his weaknesses and utilise his strengths to the best of his efforts.” – Saniya Bano

Sample Work