Seller Policies

Any individual, Company, Coaching Center or Institute selling their services through (“Website/XAMNATION”) are termed as “Sellers/Providers”. Sellers can register themselves on Xamnation to sell Online/Offline Test Series, Online/Offline Courses, Notes, Books or any Printed Materials.

Sellers by registering themselves on agrees to abide all the Terms and Conditions and Seller and Shipment Policies of the website.

Sellers can register themselves on the website through online and offline mediums. Seller listing on XAMNATION is free of cost. XAMNATION charges an after sale commission after each sale of the product. Sales commission is mutually agreed between the Seller and XAMNATION.

Sellers by listing their products on the website declare that all the products listed are owned by them and they have full rights to sell these products under their name. Sellers must ensure that all the listed products does not infringe upon the intellectual rights of other parties/sellers.

All the listings done on the website are governed by XAMNATION and XAMNATION reserves the right to change listings as and when required. Prices of all the products listed on the website are controlled by XAMNATION and XAMNATION reserves the right to change or apply discounts on them as and when required.

Product Details:
All the details required to list a product on XAMNATION will be given to XAMNATION by the sellers. Seller is responsible for all the product details like prices, images, features and product description, given to XAMNATION. Seller is responsible to keep the products updated on XAMNATION and should notify XAMNATION from time to time about all the product updates. Wrong /Stale product details may result in wrong purchase by the user of the website and losses incurred due to any such occurrence will be borne by the Seller.

Payment Cycle:
All the payments are done on monthly basis to the sellers. Sellers will receive only their share of the payment from XAMNATION. All the payments will be done either through NEFT or Cheque.

Order Delivery:
All the orders will intimated to the sellers via Email on their registered email address. An email with necessary user details will be sent to the seller immediately after the purchase on the website, notifying them about their product sale. All the products sold on the website should be dispatched within 48 calendar hours. All the materials like CD/DVD/USB Drives/Study Material/Tablets/SD Cards etc. should be delivered to the consumer within 7 to 10 days. All the shipments are done by the sellers, for which they can charge a shipment fees.

Discounts and Offers:
XAMNATION from to time will run offers and provide discounts to the users of the website in order to attract sales and increase its own popularity. Sellers can participate by providing exclusive discounts and offers to XAMNATION users to achieve more sales. Sellers can be notified accordingly before any such event.

Seller Notice Period:
All the sellers registered on XAMNATION will have to serve a notice period of 15 days after which they can de list themselves from the website. All the delisting request should be sent to XAMNATION Support team. Support team will acknowledge their delisting request and will send them a confirmation email. During Notice Period, a seller has to acknowledge all the orders and confirm the dispatch/delivery of the products. XAMNATION reserves the right to change or amend Notice Period as and when required. XAMNATION also holds the right to stall/hold or temporary stop the payments of the delisted sellers for a minimum period. After the successful completion of Notice Period seller and all its products listed on XAMNATION platform will be delisted. All the remaining payments remaining towards sellers will be made as per the payment cycle.

Applicable Law:
Terms of Use shall be governed by and interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of India. The place of jurisdiction shall be exclusively in Pune.

XAMNATION reserves all rights to change or amend any of the above mentioned terms with or without prior intimation to any of the sellers.