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RBI Exam – Officers in grade ‘B’ (General) Direct Recruitment (DR): Interview Preparation Strategy

Interview Preparation Strategy for RBI – Grade B

With the Phase-II result declaration, all the successful candidates must be gearing up for RBI interview. This article provide Interview preparation strategy (This strategy have worked on many candidates; As everyone is different, if you see any merit in this strategy only then follow it)

First thing first:  a word of caution is

“RBI is notorious for giving low marks in interview.  Some candidates even get “0” marks in interview.”

It is not to discourage you but to make you aware how much you have to prepared for interview. So even if its weightage is not much, but it can definitely makes a big difference in your selection.

A Little Background

After conversing with aspirants who have given RBI interview earlier, the interview may be segregated on the following lines:

  1. Bio-Data Related 
    1. Family/Personal Background
    2. Education Background: 
      1.  If you are graduate/post graduate with commerce/economics that question will be definately asked from that area. So be prepared for that
    3. Your city /state
    4. Hobby Related
    5. Your work experience related (if you have any)
  2. RBI related – About organization/functions etc. and recent development
  3. General Awareness particular to banking – like important development in economies in recent times
  4. Thought process:  like effects of GST etc.

How to prepare for interview?

Step 1: Understand the interviewer

Do the following exercise:

Consider yourself as if you are RBI recruiter and taking the interview.  Then answer following question.

  1. Why you are hiring any candidates; I mean for what purpose?
  2. What qualities will you seeks in a candidate to fulfil that purpose?

Then list those qualities.

Here is a sample List ( you may like to expand it much as possible, but it should be logical)

Quality  Set Comment
Intelligence &  Knowledge To an extent has already been checked through Phase-I and Phase-II test
Pressure handling capability
Thought process How diverse you can think
Honesty Most importantly honesty (essential in an organization like RBI)
Communication Skill In my view it is not essential to have great communication skill as only a few profiles in RBI require that.





Now think of on these line whether you have required quality set listed above. And will you able to fulfill the purpose for which RBI wants to hire you.

Step 2: Prepare Bio-data

Before preparing your bio-data consider following aspect seriously:

Remember the most important quality RBI seeks in a candidate is honesty. You need not be rocket scientist to be selected into RBI. They just want a sincere, committed and honest person. So don’t lie in your bio data. Candidates tend to do this especially when they think that they do not have much impressive in bio data. It does not look good to have all the bubbly stuff in you bio-data and then you fail to defend those aspects. In-fact that become the main reason for getting a single digit mark in interview.

If you think that you don’t have any impressive thing in your bio data, it is either you need to ponder a bit more about yourself or you are just under-estimating yourself. For more help you can take the help of your friends/peers or even can use the comment section.

Things to be considered while making bio-data

  1. Be Honest. You can exaggerate a bit but should able to defend.
  2. Highlight those points which show any of listed required quality set which you have prepared in above table.
  3. Bring in those points on which you want interviewer to ask questions
  4. Don’t mention those points on which you are not comfortable to talk

“Last advice: You Bio-data should contain only those points on which you can speak for 3-4 minutes.”

Then go through your bio-data thoroughly. You should know everything written in your bio data. Ask yourself what all question can be asked from Bio-data. May take help from your peers/ friends etc.

Step 3: Prepare RBI / Economy related news

  1. Go through the RBI website thoroughly.
  2. Although you have already cleared Phase –I/II, even then brush up yourself with important economy/banking news during last one year. Not all news need to be revised; not the news like how much money has been given for what scheme etc. but like what is the Brexit its impact etc.
  3. Also prepare for any important political and sport news.
  4. Infact, sometime Bollywood related news also asked. Therefore if you are mentioning watching movie is your hobby, then prepare for Bollywood/Hollywood related question.

Step 4: Practice

  1. Prepare a list of all possible questions.
  2. Answer those questions while reflecting the tabled qualities.
  3. Give mock interview to your friends, parents, sibling etc. You may join any of mock interview in coaching classes.
  4. Practice is continues process, so don’t wait for finalization of your resume for giving mock interview. Give 1- 2 mock interviews daily to your peers/friends.

.Last thing: Believe in yourself. Everyone is like you only. No-one is either more intelligent or less intelligent than you. So respect the everyone but don’t get intimidated by anyone.


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