About us

Education xamnationWe are a group of IIT-IIM graduates, having working experience in leading investment banks, internet companies, and management consulting. We came together in early 2016, to create a platform where students can get a quality education in the easiest way. Our group members have cracked exams like IIT JEE, CAT, RBI Grade B, GMAT, UPSC etc and we can relate ourselves to most of top recruitment and entrance exams in India. We want to bring same learning and our experience to help new aspirants seeking to build his/her career.

In current time, education has become a commodity. It is something which we need to do as we grow up. Most of time education is thrusted upon us. People follow rat race in first entering engineering or similar course and then taking coaching for competitive exams or job training. It is as like, a child is moving in an assembly line to get a degree, become polished for the job. People are not enjoying learning, not challenging status quo, not disturbing their gray cells to questions things, and these things are impacting them big way in their life and career.

In Xamnation, we want to bring the same learning experience that you wish for. We want people to celebrate learning. We want people to see things in new ways, question them till they are satisfied. We want to groom them for better bankers, better economists, better manager, better consultants and above all better human being.

Come, and celebrate learning.

Team Xamnation

Our offerings

e-learning xamnation Xamnation aspires to be India’s largest and most engaged community for online learning. Within a short span of time Xamnation has established itself as a one stop test preparation platform for major exams like RBI Grade B, NABARD, UPSC etc. Students can ask their doubts, access study material, practice assignment etc. We aim to cater to all leading exams in India and then extend the platform to school education. At Xamnation we believe that when quality study material is combined with the power of online communities, it can make learning process significantly more collaborative and engaging, and hence much more impact. We imagined Xamnation as a place where learners can interact with each other and help each other and seek guidance from experts.

Xamnation is offering various learning solutions for students appearing in different job recruitment exams. Xamnation is a group of IIT-IIM graduates who have themselves cleared top exams like UPSC, IIT JEE, CAT, RBI Grade B, GMAT etc. We have prepared our offering and course structure which will help students based on their requirement.

Online lecture program

elearning 1Xamnation offers online live lecture program to connect student directly with the teacher. These are real-time lectures where both students and teachers are interacting with each other and learning about the course. Students can clear their doubt instantly which is missing in self-study preparation.

Online study material

elearning 4Xamnation offers online study material in form of recorded videos and compiled study notes. These are ideal for students who want to do self-practice and revision on important topics. All our material is prepared by top teachers who have themselves good working and teaching experience in their respective subjects.

Online test series

elearning 5Xamnation offers online test series for students appearing in different exams. Our tests include chapter test and full-length mock papers (based on latest syllabus pattern).

Discussion forum

elearning 3Xamnation offers peer-peer discussion forum where students can discuss on exams and subject related queries. Our forum is moderated by the qualified teachers so that we maintain the quality discussion.

Doubt removal session

elearning 2We believe that number of doubts are same in toppers as well as last ranked. We are very focused on doubt removal. We provide various interaction platform with our teachers where a student can clarify his/her doubt instantly.


Contact rakesh@xamnation.com or call 9988 708 161 for more information regarding RBI Grade B and Nabard course 

For recorded material, Visit online study material and test series for RBI Grade B page