C++ programming language for placements

This course covers fundaments of C++ programming language and practice module for company' placement

3500+ Students


C++ is one of the most important programming langauge taught in colleges and universities. It take students to world of real programming with its object oriented programming(oop) concepts. C++ is also one of the most asked programming language in placement tests in leading software firms like TCS, Wipro etc. In this C++ programming language course, we will cover fundamentals of C++ programming along with detailed practice module along with most popular asked questions in C++ during company’ placement. We will provide detailed study material along with doubt support in this course.

Course Requirement

1. Good internet connection
2. C++ compiler and code editor

Course Structure

  • Introduction to C++
  • Environment set up
  • Basic syntax
  • Data types
  • Variable types and scope
  • Constants
  • Modifier types
  • Storage classes
  • Operators
  • Loop types
  • Decision makign
  • Function
  • Numbers
  • Array
  • String
  • Pointers
  • Date and Time
  • File Handling
  • Exercises

Students Testimonials

This program is the only one that I am satisfied!
"Keshav Jha"
I'm just trying to learn C++ programming (Coding if you wish ), and this project is excellent for me.
"Aryan Sharma "
It's great. I love the projects.
"karan Singh"
Yes, It surely is a great help for me as I am a mechanical engineer with concentration on Robotics and low-level controls.
"Varun Deep"


Our C++ programming langauge course is designed by keeping in mind syllabus of C++ during college and what is asked during placements tests. This is best course that you will get for C++ if you are preparing for companies placements.

We will be sharing 5 written assignments along with 20+ mock tests in this course. Our aim is to give you intensive practice so that you are ready to face any programming challenge in C++.

We have created course such that it is easy to understand, and you can learn at your pace. You can anytime ask with our teachers if in case you are facing touble in understanding or any issue in programming langauge.

 Our teacher team comprises of experienced IT professionals who are from leading colleges like IITs. They have strong programming experience and will mentor you throroughly.

An average student can finish this course between 1-1.5 months.