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How do I prepare for interviews on algorithms and Java?

How do I prepare for interviews on algorithms and Java?

Data structure and Algorithms questions are mostly asked in almost all of the technical interview process. Some of the leading product companies like Google, Amazon have their interview based on mostly on Data Structure and Algorithms. You are expected to know things like searching and sorting algorithms, stack and queue, trees, linked lists, graph and hash tables. Like wise in algorithms you will be asked questions like shortest path algorithms, BFS, DFS, travelling salesman, tower of hanoi etc.

Check this link on most important topics in data structure

Likewise, Java is one of the commonly taught programming language in colleges in India. Most tech companies expect you to have some knowledge of C, C++ and Java. You will be asked questions based on OOPs concept, multithreading, Error handling, string handling kind of topics.

You may study topics of Java and DS from reputed websites like GFG, tutorial point and Xamnation website.